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Welcome to my life…

I want to tell you about my hobbies. Since I was a little girl (I am a little girl until now…hehehe), I always read story books like detective books, comics and magazines. I don’t have much money to buy many books that I want to read, so I have visited library and read there, borrowed many books from rents book in my town, and borrowed from my friends.
Did you know Mrs. Enid Blyton? Certainly yes, she is famous though she passed away…, she is my favorite author in the world. Her books made me always dreams about the other world. Though it is so far from here, I felt visit the place and become someone in the story. How a good author! Beneath it all, I was sad because I didn’t have her books (yeah…, just admire with read her books..hehehe but I think if in the future I have children, they must read her book…hehehe).
Japan comic’s is one of my favorite. I can feel happy, sad, and angry. Sometime I can laugh alone in my rooms. I spent my money to rents many comics such as conan, kungfu b…