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What a week! Paris bombed, a die to early of student

Writing is  a continuous process and look how I commit to do it, a  post for one month?? that is terrible. What on earth I am doing! I am not so busy, though. Well, move on! this month I should post more to have better  accumulative number than last year. It means that I have to post more than 8 posts at minimum to get the good record for myself. 

Last week was sad, heard a really sad news about Paris bombed. My  heart and prayers  are  with the victims. I can not imagine how people were excited to enjoy the concert with the light heart and then they had to face the end of their life at sudden. This is a big crime in human right, men are getting cruel day by day.

 To adding some problem to that, I have to add more with the suicide of a young boy of Junior High School near my home. I think the local government should have more concern about this case. I don't know what come in this young boy to commit suicide while that would be a lot to see in this still very beautiful world.   Fa…