Saturday, November 21, 2015

What a week! Paris bombed, a die to early of student

Writing is  a continuous process and look how I commit to do it, a  post for one month?? that is terrible. What on earth I am doing! I am not so busy, though. Well, move on! this month I should post more to have better  accumulative number than last year. It means that I have to post more than 8 posts at minimum to get the good record for myself. 

Last week was sad, heard a really sad news about Paris bombed. My  heart and prayers  are  with the victims. I can not imagine how people were excited to enjoy the concert with the light heart and then they had to face the end of their life at sudden. This is a big crime in human right, men are getting cruel day by day.

 To adding some problem to that, I have to add more with the suicide of a young boy of Junior High School near my home. I think the local government should have more concern about this case. I don't know what come in this young boy to commit suicide while that would be a lot to see in this still very beautiful world.   Family, teacher and local communities such as Karang Taruna, churches, mosques should have to pass the gift of life more to children in a right way.  I can' t wait to be part of it.

Lastly, my thought also go with the attitude of college student  who are getting brutal. There are some news about young people from East Nusa Tenggara made a fuss with their very bad attitudes. A college student died in Malang and there was a fight between students (NTT &Ambon). Bad. That was bad. I am one of the student who come far away from a little town in NTT to get more knowledge, to learn more to be a better person. parents are sending us away to make us better but this what we are giving them, a heartbreaking story. Personally, I really think that this should be needed a serious concern for  NTT's education. We have to raise an awareness of peace and educative perspective to college student that they have to live out of racism negativity.

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