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December 2017 has finally reached its end. I'm glad that I poured so much love and passion into what I am doing. As life show must go on, today maybe the mark of my new step into a new level. I am back home.Yeay😍It's quite tiresome to answer some questions around what will you do? How's work? Is there any available job for you? Or why don't you try to work in the city like Jakarta?Its actually a reasonable questions. One would think working in a rural area is not promising. It's quite a long story to tell to someone new. Even the closest. Not to mention a working lifestyle. Nowadays its not a common to ask someone about where do you work but still. Instead of that kind of question, someone better IMHO, ask about what kind of life you have?  or what kind of business one would prefer to do?Note : Jakarta, see you when I see you. Thankyou for having me Bandung. How I miss Depok😓😓
I am grateful for the past 10 years of my college days and professional working in pr…