Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A piece of Life stories

Hi dear bloggers, 

I miss old days in senior high school or college when every day I used to keep in touch with the same age friends with same hobbies as well as same interest; books, gossiping, favorites  actors, even same  kind of boyfriend  criteria . I always like when Arni or Eny seemed like know what I was thinking when we just shared our eye contact then laugh together over something that “unspoken”.  Now I am living far away from them and missing this kind of relationship so much. Well, Arni has her twin babies born in my birthday and Eny now is continuing her study to be a Physic teacher after delivered her handsome boy. I hope they have a really happy life ahead. 

I would like to congratulate Ganeshia Pratiwi for finishing her master degree from Chulabhorn University, Thailand. She is one of my inspiring friend and a really scholarship hunter.  I can’t wait for meeting her and sharing all the experiences. The other great news came from Wawan, the one who is very optimistic and best for keeping friend and colleague. He is such an adorable friend to learn about future planning and business. Now he is living in Russia to continue his study in tourism. One day, I really wanted to go to the seminar held in Bogor and realize that the one who will be joined  me to go there was Wawan even he is not interest in kind of seminar.  
Family and friends in the Soetta Airport said farewell to Wawan

A well-known quote “Tuntutlah Ilmu walaupun sampai ke negeri China” may influence Daniel. Currently, he is also fighting to pursue master degree there.  Where we were in college, I always the one who really want to go abroad while the two seemed more quiet than me, hahaha but after all they make it and I am really happy for them. Hope the good news keep coming for all the fighters in this kind world for all of friends, relatives and colleagues who do best in their life.   

So my point is  for all the scholarship hunters out there, don't afraid to have such a dream to go abroad, to pursue master degree, to stop be employee and open new business or whatever. Keep fighting for what do you want.

Gisha, Wawan and Daniel (belum izin sama yang punya kisah, sorry yah)  stories are just example of the same young people as us  who really want to fight over what they want. 
This photos taken during college days when we celebrated Daniel farewell in my dorm to Batam island and I miss Manah so much. She is a good cooker.

I also want to highlight Jokowi’s speech in APEC 2014. Hopefully, it is not just an open invitation for the international companies to invest in Indonesia but also the reminder for us to keep an eye in environmental sustainability. Development is really good for economic growth but also must consider the environmental aspect. We live now for better future.I do hope the government consider this one as important issue.

*I hope you can understand what I mean. This blog now is place to practice my English.