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Today's Learn

Don't be too confident with what you talked about, what your thoughts about that. It looks so stupid because you just exaclty know based on your own, while we are not live just small number of people. things are different for each even they are look the same to you.

Simple example is when someone talk to stranger about what her/his excellent skill in town that very well known there to a master who just come in town from very big city with his great experiences that the one hasn't face before.
The master just sits & listens to the stories that he has experienced it. Also give a meaning smile but the someone still unconscious coz he/she lets his/her big mouth.Thinking after speaking is good as a reflection, the bad thing is if it leave as regret. What we should do for better life? Confident speaking after deep thingking will be better.

Rosa D Panda

Attitude (1st &only)

I am not saying, I am perfect in attitude, sometimes without being aware I can be wrong. As well known statement, we still the man, not God.But as a man too we must have deep understanding one to another. I had bad experience today, poor me I couldn't stop myself thinking that, I should . I was a victim, someone was shouting while I didn't know what she talked about. Honestly, It disturbed me, I was about to cry, hell yeah it shouldn't but I couldn't handle it. Ignoring&laughing may perfect way to overcome how angry we are, but it won't happen like that:'-(Learning from that way, will make sense, angry just a while then evaluating it, so it won't happen again. Working is not just do what we have to do because we are paid to do that; it is teamwork, with another person who has characters. Please, care about your attidude, respect other people. Man, life is not just under your small nose, small world. Everything here is valuable, if no it's just abou…

Soal Pandangan

Semakin ke sini, keinginan untuk belajar makin bertambah. Belajar sebenarnya kapan saja, di mana saja & sudah selayaknya setiap hari. Namun memimpikan lingkungan, metode, budaya & pengalaman yang serba baru bukan hal yg salah/benar. Sebagai manusia, keingintahuan tidak bisa dihindari. Seorang rekan mengingatkan saya, untuk tidak bermain2 di masa muda. Saya tertegun sejenak, mengingat kembali program kehidupan saya & bertanya dalam hati, apa iya?
Rekan saya merekomendasikan jalan pintas untuk sebuah profesi yang jujur kurang saya minati, tapi bisa jadi akan dibutuhkan jika keadaan tidak sesuai dengan apa yg saya inginkan.
Mengelak dengan mengatakan waktu saya masih banyak, membuatnya berpikir saya bermain2 di waktu muda.
Bukan itu, ada hal yang memang tidak bisa kita jelaskan ke semua orang, ini hanya soal dengan siapa kita berbicara. Pandangan masing2 akan berbeda sesuai orientasi, profesi & kedewasaan. Saya merasa didorong untuk membuktikan rencana sy akan jadi nyata…

Mother's Worry 2

Yay, I was phoned by my mother again and she said about "jodoh".Woowww, she is so worry about me, I posted about mother's worry some months ago, didn't I ? But I think that is so normal, I am just her only daughter. I am aware that she knows everything about me, even this long distance just by the words, voices and her feels. The message is just surrender all the time with God's plans. In daily conversation, this topic becomes trend with some of close friends, yayaya we are in our twenty something. Some of my friends have married already so it is something to think about. I am not under pressure or something like that but I can't control myself and others for being so confusion or if you familiar with galau, hehehehe. I have short conversation about it when I asked my friend about when the time comes to us and what we should do. The answer has made me aware. She said," Just prepare yourself until the time is come" Yess, she is right. The short answe…


Biar titik itu lepas, biar dia buas
Biar titik itu jatuh, biar dia sakit
Biar titik itu luka, biar
dia mengerang
Biar titik itu cabik, biar dia goyah
Biar titik itu remuk, biar dia musnahTitik. Dia tidak hilang
Biar kau lucuti hingga peluh
Biar kau lukai hingga
Tetap begitu

Rosa D Panda