Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Bahagianya, membaca kembali tulisan sendiri

Membaca kembali tulisan-tulisan beberapa tahun lalu adalah bagian menyenangkan. Berbagai perasaan berkecamuk, karena waktu yang telah membuat lupa.  Rasa ingin tahu, misalkan; Ada tulisan yang bercerita mengenai seseorang tetapi identitas seseorang tersebut tidak dijelaskan secara gamblang,  jadinya saya bertanya-tanya, siapakah itu yang saya maksud? Oh usia, mengapa kau membunuh ingatanku perlahan? Apalagi kalau topik yang dibicarakan bersifat sensitive, soal perasaan misalnya. Ah, memang selalu soal perasaan yang tertulis di blog (hadeh, curhat banget). Seperti puisi tanpa judul  berikut , saya masih bertanya-tanya untuk siapa puisi ini saya tulis. Sayang jika harus dilupakan, padahal saat itu mungkin pikiran saya pasti sedang galau berat, sampai mellow begitu


Kemudian rasa surprise, kok bisa ya saya bisa menulis seperti itu. Ada yang begitu mellow, puitis  dan ada pula yang alurnya tidak jelas. I am just finding that read your own blog is interesting, saat itulah saat di mana saya bisa menertawakan diri sendiri, lebih puas tertawanya dibanding biasanya.  Rasa kangen juga menghampiri, mengingat kenangan-kenangan yang diceritakan di blog, bersama teman-teman yang kini membangun alur hidupnya sendiri-sendiri

Seperti percakapan saya dengan Inang atau dengan ka Sari ketika kami menghabiskan malam-malam di Depok bersama. Ah, kangen!  Atau pembicaraan-pembicaraan penting dan tidak penting dengan Gishut, Eci dan tokoh-tokoh lain yang menjadi bahan inspirasi saya untuk menulis.  Tidak lupa, komentar-komentar positif dan membangun dari teman-teman blogger yang waktu itu sering saya kunjungi blognya dengan rajin.
Saya harus terus menulis, sesampah (baca : tulisan tidak jelas) apa pun tulisan saya, karena ada kebahagiaan sendiri ketika kembali menemukan diri sendiri pada tulisan-tulisan yang telah lalu. Writing is really healing!  

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Office Hours 2

Well, last week was awesome. I met great people, the writers in Asean Literary Festival 2014 in Taman Ismail Marzuki. The first one was Mr. Dicky Senda, he was warm and nice while it was our first meeting. His book is Kanuku Leon, and I’ll write book review about it later. Lucky me, to have another great friend, Ms. Erni Aldjai, just googling her name, and you’ll find she is kind of famous in Indonesian literature. Her book is Kei and another several books , I also love her poems, aisshhh, how those simple words can be so touched or am I so melancholic?  . I am just so proud to know both of them.I am sure to make review about their books.  

Actually, I just feeling quilty but also satisfied at the same time. Both feelings are playing now in my mp3 of feeling ( Lol, just leave it). So, that is the story goes, 

Place : Office
Boss  : " Do we have to make official letter to *** (owner)?"
Me    : (Sigh)
Me    : " Is he permantly at site, Sir?" 
Boss  : "Yes, Mr. A just saying that"
Me    : "But, Sir.. are you sure about it? I mean..."
Boss  : "Mr.A made the decision.Mr. A said that he is permantly at site" 
Me    : "Ok, Sir, but what do you think about it. I mean you are project manager and Mr. A know nothing about how it goes at site"  ( I mean, forget about what Mr. A said, right?? II want yours, it will difficult for site team and me too, hadeh) 
Boss  : ......( He was kind of surprise about what I said. Also I think that I went too far but I couldn't bear it anymore.) 
        "Acctually he is site manager In ****. He has good technical skill..."
Me    : Just nod ( Grrrrh, leader is not about technical, technical is OK but also the communication thing. He will meet many people)
        "Ok, I think it will be more difficult in the near future, Sir "( I am just being honest and back to my desk) 

As I said, I am going too far and that making me feel guilty, hahaha.
Ok, stop it and do as he says, you bitch!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Office hour

Everything in her table is a mess. The irregular paper without clips and maps lay down at the right beside the telephone. The drink bottle without its cover, while it looks new and branded lies between the body lotion and toilette tissue at the left corner. Neither family pictures nor friends in her desk like the others. She has three post cards.  The first one was from Thailand and the others from Italy. May she hopes to be abroad someday because it can be seen clearly compare to the other things which is not usual in office desk. 

Next to the monitor, at the left one, there is a desk calendar. It looks like she doesn’t care of it, because it shows February while now we are in March. She has supplier notes and mechanic pencil in front of her, below the keyboard. Also there is a small circle mirror between the monitor and keyboard. 
She is now working with her book, writing over and over instead of working with her computer or documents in her table because the chair at the back her tiny body is empty. It looks like she is learning something and loving it so much. She works with her scholarship application. She really want to pursue her master degree abroad to be a good lecture in the near future.

Do best, then!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Rent Room

Two weeks ago, I moved to a new rent room, still in West Jakarta. A very typical of many of rent rooms with doors closes beside each other. It is kind of strange because I used to have not a kind of rent room but it reminds me of my first dorm. The different is the distance between rooms opposite each other, here is too close while my first one was wider. Since March 2013, I rented one room, the room was pretty good, it is average and clean, no needed to buy mineral water provided by hosted. Well, we lived together with the hosted family, an old mother who lived with her children. Also they only rent rooms five rooms so it was not so crowded. I love silence by the way, but it is not so silence because house is beside the mosque.

My new rent room offers what I need, a kitchen with many of stoves in there, washing machines and a wifi. I love the wifi, the speed is amazing but sometimes my IDM bar does not appear and also the netbook's touchpad is too sensitive L , it makes the program run in the chaos, I am not even touch it. I lose two three minutes to wait till it is back to normal.
Ok, back to my rent room, it is small and far from the gate. All the free rooms are available in 4 th floor, I still lucky to have the room not far from the balcony. Do not count the stairs;  I've ever gotten the worst when I was in college.

The girl, who rent opposite my room, is kind of strange. Trust me, I still thinking she is the man, but she is woman. We rarely meet so I just see her slippers which are man's size and models. Sometime, I heard her heavy words and still surprise. The girl beside my room is the calm one, not so talk active, well actually I can count her words when I introduce myself to her and she just answer unclear so I still do not know her name. The others are good, we still smile each other and comment about the weather or the traffic jam;  my office friends are in 2 nd and 3 rd floors.

Can you see those slippers? Man size right? 
I hope that I can decide what I have planned before as soon as possible. I just can not live like this. Work, traffic jam, go to my rented room, sleep and it continues everyday.