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At the end of January

Hi world,
I am doing good. I am grateful of this state of mine, the act of seeking the true happiness in life. What is that mean? It's a long story to tell. A man can be so different like day and night. The process of being a fully commit one for the happiness is facing so many different emotions. However, this is the best one than feeling no emotion at all.  The beauty  is always finding a  road to comeback to the real awareness. Well, mind my abstract words.

Hours and nights in  not so warm January will come to the end soon. I realized that time is tickling without my full awareness. Well, here is me not sure whether I'll come with good process and result in doing my laboratory experiments. I am doing my best and I love every process of doing so. It is like you expect your own baby to be born and growth well. I am enjoying every process of it though in every stage, the problem seems always there. When I managed to go thru one, then will come another one.It seems like  the b…