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Hello blogger, how's ur day?hope it is always bright like sky here,always beautiful.,ah and I must say,that was very nice when I took a bath under moon light. Well,give a try bloggers. Taraaa,this first time I use email to post.,I don't know but it seems work. I'll see it.I have problem 2 accses a good internet loading so I should try this way.Too many stories here,in my mind.,wonderful wedding ceremony, beautiful sea & blue sea (I hvn't seen in Jakarta), may I'll tell u later. Btw,a big hug from here to Ganeshia Kristy,hope u always in good health..a honor 2 welcome u back with Ph.D. Happy birthday dear Fithuri Amalia, (, wish u stay great & health. Ok,good night blogger.,welcome ur May with learn from the great Apryl.

Rosa D Panda