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People in our life

We met everybody in our life. Sometimes,they have been long time with us but others had a short time. They brought many stories about their life and than make a story with us. They made us happy, sad, anger, laugh, and made us growth to be us now. I think, it is so great, met many people in my life that brought all thing for me.Recently,I have been found that make relationship with others is make me become a rich person. I can learn everything from others. They made me know about something that I did know. I always learn something new from others. They shared their life, idea, happiness,sadness, knowledge, and spirit(i can tell it later, i have been many people that make me proud to be their friends,thanks a lot). It is so precious, that make me always learn about human character. I want everybody see others with their good side and can learn something from others. May not even, you can learn something good from your enemy. It is depend on you. I know, it is difficult to do, but i did…