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Hi guys, How is your week going? I hope it pretty smooth, but if not, just thinking that way. Like the wise people stated that it just depends on how we manage the feelings. It means that we can choose to have a happy day so we will satisfy with all things happened in that day and vice versa. I think happy day is not means that we have really good things happen but the bad as well.  It seems easy to just say it but when we give a try, that will be really a good thing you see all day long.
My goal for this week is not feel angry until the end of the year; I think not just me but some people who attended the Trinitas church on Sunday afternoon. Luckily, I am a forbearing person, so I change to something that I'll hard to endure, guess what?  Yup, I am nagging as I stare the computer screen after meet the other department. Also talks to my teammates about the people who seem don't understand about how important our cases are. I think that it is really not good. While …

Karyawan Punya Cerita

Tidak baik membicarakan keburukan orang (aka keburukan managemen perusahaan), lebih baik mencari lowongan baru. Begitu satu kalimat yang saya dapat hari ini. Menampar dan menohok hati. Yah
Kemudian memberi ruang untuk bertanya, bagaimana caranya mengkondisikan hati dan pikiran untuk menanggalkan logika dan mengikuti alur atasan dengan berbagai pertimbangannya.
Juga, menyukseskan hari-hari tanpa amarah sebelum menyudahi perjalanan di 2013. Welcome the happiness project in 2014!Banyak yang sedang dipertimbangkan sekarang. Cita-cita yang lama dibiarkan malah semakin mencari-cari perhatian. Juga tak ketinggalan keengganan akibat tergoda iman dengan kehidupan yang diberikan ibukota. Hidup ada ditangan lo, Rosa.Bukan di siapa-siapa.

Romantic Relationship

As a human, I have been facing the issues about romantic relationship which without planned this matter is always the important part of life as well as the career or even better than it. Feeling loved and to love someone is undefined feeling which we can feel happy, sad, anger at the same time.My personal romantic love stories didn't turn like what I had read in the comics, Korean drama scenes except the single scenes on it, or the movie scenes. There are just parts of it, the feeling, symptoms, eyes, insomnia fever, and the smile which we spread all day, I am sure about it. I believe the movie makers or writers not just make up the love stories scenes. They did research by themselves from the others surround them or they were brave enough to show people how their love stories go. If there is over or out of logic, hell yeah, money makes everything seem entertain enough to be watched and the important thing that there are a few number of people love to watch it. I had …

Mirror of the year

This year not run as I want but of  course I have learnt so much about everything around myself, the confidence, the success as well as the failure. This three parts of my life become one of my blessed experience so far. I am in the middle of my twenties, the age that all called as mature. How grateful for that. Too many things to be improved as a pragmatist and a real human being. 
I am a shy one, sometimes but the fact that I am not interested with what I called silly conversation makes me the one who look shy. Hell yeah, that is not good sometimes. I mean people will more recognize you if you be a source of everything, an informant  apart from the fact that is true or just gossip. But  I am not interested doing the kind of  chit chat, I just shut my mouth up for the things I have known. Better look like you know nothing, of course it depends on the case. The important one or just the silly topic to look like have a great conversation. All I want to say here is as a human being, I mu…

Happy Birthday dear Ansi

Happy birthday, dear Unse. As I am writing this, I remember one warm afternoon when we walked around town and were talking about our future. Remember? I am exactly forget what thing I want to do, but I am pretty sure that one of us want to be a mathematician or auditor. I wonder it was me or you, hahaha. Such a bless to have a nice friend like you, a beautiful and confident one. I wish all the good thing come around in every single of your path. Happy birthday again, wish you stay healthy, wise and grow up every single day. So we do not lose heart. Though our outer self is wasting away, our inner self  is being renewed day by day.(2 Corinthians 4:16)