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Orang tua minta cucu

Pagi ini saya bangun pagi dan menelpon orang rumah. Untunglah, bulan ini rumah ramai. Adik saya bersama seorang temannya, sedang di rumah karena mengikuti Kerja Praktek di kabupaten tempat keluarga besar saya tinggal. Saya agak terkejut dengan isi pembicaraan si bapak. Dua tiga kali sudah mengarah ke soal menikah.  Ternyata semua orang tua sama 😄😄😄. Bukan apa-apa, selama seperempad abad lebih, beliau paling mendorong dan menasihati tentang belajar, bekerja dan berelasi. Kadang saya bingung, ketika sedang hangat-hangatnya teman-teman saya didorong untuk menikah atau paling tidak ada isi obrolan menyerempet ke situ, orang tua saya masih diam. Waktu itu, saya sih kepengen ditanyai.  Sebenarnya, beliau pernah bertanya ke sepupu, "si Ros sudah punya pacar kah?"Nah hari ini, beliau mulai jujur  soal perasaannya. Kami bercerita panjang lebar soal pencapaian dan lain-lain, yang kemudian sampai pada kesimpulan"Kami ini masih kurang di cucu", Ok fix. Kakak pertama saya be…

Not fully review

Book for this month is an autobiography of an Australian author, published in 1995. The book's title is "Penny Dreadful- A woman view of the 1950s & 1960s by Penelope Nelson.As I am not a native, it's quite challenging to read this book. A lot of new vocabs of course, however I can catch the story.  I haven't finished the book yet, but I'm kind of like it because I find it interesting. The interesting part was about the author childhood with the chapter's title of Summerland. The sweetest thing was that her grandfather wrote a few poems about her granddaughter. The poems written in many special occasions of the grandfather and the family. I adore the grandfather who find a way to capture special days and memories in poems. She is lucky to have beautiful poems written by one of her  closest person. Well, that is the end of review for the summerland chapter.I would like to update some progress of my life as a student (just in case, some are curious, hhihi an…


"We really are giving the best understanding toward our siblings. Sometimes they are just so annoying and  other times they are just so cute and sweet" I and my older brother have up and down relationship. We are not that close by calls or texts but honestly I do mention his name in every of my prayer. I don't know when he will realize the important of send texts or calls. May one day.

So the thing is, he and my father had a conversation. Surprisingly, he talked to my father to set me up with someone or ask my uncle for help. He worried that I haven't married yet. Jokingly, my father said that of course he must settle first than me. He replied that it will be easy for him to meet someone, So just worry about me.

Well, well, I do appreciate. It  was sweet of him. However, however let me meet someone as God's plans.

Good day!

I am so in peace right here, right now and I hope as I read this again, I'll be in peace too. Hope you guys alway be in peace too. Peacefull mind. Peaceful soul. Peaceful you. And if you are not, just in this very moment, take a deep breath and be grateful.

Back to Hogwarts!

Halo September, Agustus yang penuh berkah telah usai. Awal baru untuk semua hal baru, setelah intropeksi panjang di Agustus yang mendewasakan. Meninggalkan hal-hal yang lama.
I am ready for a new chapter.

365 hari lagi, semoga saya sudah ada pada tahap selanjutnya. Tahap di mana hidup yang sebenar-benarnya dimulai.
I would take the train to Hogwarts and end my days and nights take care of my research. I am excited to restart again my potion class and have my own table for my work.
From now, lets sing the  school song of Hogwarts. Dumbledore said to choose a favorite tone and mine now is Gemu Fa Mire. (I don't think the song match with the tune, whatever!)

Hogwarts, Hogwarts, Hoggy Warty Hogwarts,Teach us something please,Whether we be old and bald,Or young with scabby knees,Our heads could do with filling,With some interesting stuff,For now they're bare and full of air,Dead flies and bits of fluff,So teach us things worth knowing,Bring back what we've forgot,Just do your be…