Sunday, August 30, 2015

Short Course-Jogjakarta

Hi good people, how’s life? Welcome to my personal blog. I hope that you will enjoy my writing style. If there may be many grammar errors , please let me know :D

I had great moments in these past few weeks. Really, August is my month. These are a glance that I have to mention:  failed to attend the closing ceremony (this was sad) , went home  (it was the early birthday gift) ,long journey Ende-Kupang-Surabaya-Jakarta-Bandung trip in my birthday and  first week as graduate student in Institute Technology Bandung (pray for my weight, Bandung is the best place to gain more weight).
First of all, I want to thank all of you for all the birthday wishes. It means a lot. The one advantage of LPDP scholarship (affirmation program) is that you will have an English program conducted by a really experience lectures and facilitators. 

All the awardees-photo: madame KS
I was lucky to have P2B UNY lecturers and facilitators as my lectures and mentors during our six months English course.  They have taught us not just about TOEFL score but also the life lessons which are the most important in our life. Also they were really great host to us, all the new comers to Jogjakarta who come all around Indonesia.  I would like to thanks for the excursion experiences and the class arrangements in the last term which was connecting us in deeper friendship.  We would like to say sorry for our mistakes and attitude
Saman dancers-photo:  MA
: D 

I have met good people all around Indonesia as my new friends and colleagues. We really had a lot of fun despite of our challenges in learning English. We learn each other experience and build the same dream to be a better person now and in the future. We learn that the diversity is beautiful like colorful painting that we have to keep and to share to our next generation. I am happy to see the Saman video dance danced by young gentlemen and ladies from all around Indonesia (proud of all of you). I hope that our friendship can last forever as a proud story to our next generation. 

class -photo:  NF

photo :  TL

 Now we are in starting line to get into the next level of our life. We hope that we can face all the challenges and be better person.