Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Walk again and Run!

When we look back, there are some reasons to laugh, everything we have been through till now. Have a life, sometime we feel good, while bad too. We have given a try, feel fine, bad, beautiful, ugly, fabulously, or stay cool in every conditions. If we feel nothing, it’s strange and totally most sadness because we lied ourselves. Expression tells about we have a life.  
We walk, try to find everything we want then we run, and try to fly, stop just a moment and then walk again. (Sssst, I don’t talk about birds, it’s just an example). When we walk, we have found everything and just based on our perspective, we named it beautiful or bad, happy or sad. Again just based on our perspective and what we feel, but wise person said, what we feel based on what we see/our perspective. Hope you see the differences between them.  We can manage it.(Wow, it is not simple as I said,  must try hard but when we begin, it’s a chance).
            Run is when we feel we can do something, we have own dream and know well about what we want then give a try to make it real. Our hearth absolutely beat so fast because  we hope everything are in  the good way based on our own plans. We know, we have try and pray hard. As a result, we have two options fail and win. Yeah, two different conditions. Our feeling tell us everything. Wise people always say, there are nothing to regret, we didn’t do nothing, always something and mean.
            Stop before we walk again is the best step to have a better life. What we need is first acceptance for everything in the past, happy or sad stories,  find the reasons  and prepare for next journey. Walk again and run!

This post totally random, if you don't understand, it doesn't matter.