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Running Man

Watch Running Man is the most favorite thing I do. I love to watch this reality show in my free time. Running Man is Korean reality show which the members must solve the mission given by the crew. The cheerfully members are Yoo Jae Suk, Ji Suk Jin, Kim Jong Kook, Kang Gary, Haha, Song Ji Hyo, Lee Kwang Soo, and Song Jong Ki(1-41). I can't choose between each of them due to their own personalities but without Yoo Jae Suk, running man will be nothing.
The guests who appeared in RM are very warm welcome by the members especially actress or actors who rarely come to reality show besides the idols. Yong Hwa CN Blue was one of the best guest, Ha Ji Won, Big Bang of course, Middle age flower race & many more I can't mention them one by one, I enjoyed watching it.
The show brings cheerfully spirit, make me laugh a lot.
Also I love the crew, Jae Suk VJ is nice too. They have good relationship since 1st episode when JS complained about VJ's breath sound after run.
Running Man …

I am a..

What is in my head now?
I have made a reflection
about myself recently.
So grateful coz God shakes in my life and what I hv done so far though some seem so blur
I am twenty something, an adult but still look like teen. I am a woman but not look like a real one, hate on make up things but still need to make sure my face is more bright sometimes:-D
Anti mainstream, just do what I want but it is still average.
Fallin in love with poetry, sky with bright stars, pictures, scenes, smiles, and the silence. Admire people with dreams and their confidences to do that. Love to have bunch of letters or postcards even in this hi-tech years, it will be so touched.The only daughter of lovely parent & sister for the three great brothers. Each of them with their own personalities, have given me the taste of life.Love to listen other point of views & respect it.The question whole time is how to gain more weight? ><The POINT is all written here almost me but not(GA). Soul is really something…

Sad Feeling T____T

Sorry, bloggers!

I just want to write this sad feeling, to liberate it and accept it, that may not my way to get what I want.
How sadly I am! That's really sad! But I am truly believe that is the best decision in this situation. Arrrrggghhhhh, but I must say I missed one worth program due to technical problem. T______T I am a bit worry about the consequences that I will face in the future.

Honestly, I have found myself on difficult to cry about self problems even I really want it. I can cry if there are someone or more who feel sorry or pity about me while some prefer cry alone. Actually, I cry because their sympathy and hugs. If I am alone, I can't cry, it is hard.

The strange thing is I move so easily when I watch sad scene movie, drama, reality show and amazing things surround (stars, sun, moon, beautiful scenery), the touched moment. The tears goin so easily till my nose full of mucus T___T  for something not my problem even till I am dizzy. Heheeheehe strange, huh! How ab…

Introduce Flores via Cupudalang

As I have said before, I want to give a tour to u expecially for travellers & friends who want to make Flores island as a destination. I must say that Bali is great place to visit but Flores island give you more wonderfull and awesome scenery for you beside its strong etnics . If u want to have a good refresing place, with silence & majestic surrounding are ur priority, I bet Flores will the best place. While Bali have lots of people(tourists), crowded and its already too much of what I called comersial. Hell yeah, it is an advantages but it is too much.

Here you go, with some great videos made by my videographer friends, Wilfrid Cupudalang. He is on his way introducing Flores movie. You can see on his fb page here and please like his page on fb for more support to his great work. He tries to show you how beautiful everything he have found thru his camera work.

Photos credit Wilfrid Cupudalang

I bet you will be have a good experience here with untouched natures. You will find…


Flu virus always active in my body when the weather change from hot to cold, how about you,guys? I don't like paracetamol for healing the effects. Commonly, its over itself with more sleep & warm water. Luckily just nostril problem >:-( and cough, minuses fever and headache.
I got bored in the third day, and want to get the flu over, can't wait until itself gone.I found myself searched something in the kitchen and fortunately there were lemons so then warm lemon extract was fresh my throat. Tweeted about that and k Rani replied. She was suggest dringkiwarm sweet ginger,I love it too but there wasn't ginger. I remember 2 or 3 years ago when I got cold, haiah with the fever in dormitory, so I moved to ka Rani's room. She threated me well, I was covered by thick blanket, my sweater and sarong. She wanted the heat gone & it did. Every hour she forced me drank warm water. I was so blessed those days, thank u so much, k Ran, the fever gone & showed my pale fa…


Things may so different now than they were before I left. The house and surroundings that I can't say it mine again. It was and I am really miss it. How come I forget it, I had lived 17 years, though I am not remember what happened in the first four years.

Ok, let me show you what I have remember about Bajawa and I am pretty sure this is not change at all.

First of all, the Sunshine, the one that I always looked into with one eye closed after took a bath with my towel still on and sounds of "brrr brrr". Guys, it was so cold, and it is always.

What's next? Stars! I am move easyly with see those stars spread in the bright blue sky. I become smaller when I see it. I don't need to wait till dark comes,plus the cold will caught me but those stars already there before 6 pm. As I said, bright sky:-D. Unfortunately, I just memorize it, but my great photographer friend tcaptured it nicely in dark night after rainy in Bajawa, looked same with those I saw in Mbay. Ahhh, I …

Good Poem

I just found a poem book by Gracia Asri, when I was waiting Gishut and the rhymes are so full with emotion. I am amazed with the title, that's all I want to say about how I look myself. You can read my bio, my post on fb, twitter or blog, my appearance, what I hv said, or what you say about me, I just can say there are totally me, but not though. Almost me but not, ah simple but deeply say we are not just a man.
White paper is waiting
kiss by kiss passes by
between being written or being made into inscription
the lips are not even know kisses
because declaration is only a hypothesis
(Gracia asri, 28
hampir aku tetapi bukan/almost me but not)
dan saya jatuh cinta pada puisi hari kemerdekaan,
I confessed to my nudity, forgive me for I have seen you just see you as a shame
Ah, I love it! Jadi tadi berlama-lama sama bukunya. Pada setiap katanya, diresapi hingga kadang saya senyum-senyum sendiri kagum atas kata realistis, yang berani, ah gila sederhana tapi menyadarkan.

Pada sebuah titik!

Mimpi itu tidak untuk disimpan, tapi diusahakan menjadi nyata. Mimpi apa pun.
Setiap prosesnya membuat kita satu tingkat lebih tinggi dari kita yang sebelumnya. Simpel saja, dari takut menjadi berani. Atau dari tidak tahu menjadi tahu dan mengerti.
Kadang saya takut, takut sekali kalau usaha saya sia-sia karena banyak pengorbanan yang dilakukan di saat kita tahu hasilnya berupa ketidakpastian. Hiburan satu-satunya adalah tahu kalau di dunia ini tidak ada yang pasti.
Mari mencoba sampai akhir, sampai tahu batas maksimal yang bisa saya beri meski keterbatasan dan keterbatasan menjadi pagar. Biar dikikis semangat membara dengan 3 kata, FOKUS! FOKUS! FOKUS! Fokus pada Tuhan & tujuan hidup.
Tidak ada dukungan penuh jika tidak dari kita sendiri. THE BIG SUPPORT is MYSELF alone then others & world will follow.
Di sini di sebuah titik. Salah satu dari Manusia Gila.

Rosa D Panda_Writing is healing

Happy New Year!

Welcome 2013!Were you have fun new year eve? I hope you were, guys!
Gathered around with people you love, had cups of soda, pieces of roasted meat and played with fireworks. That's many did it, because fireworks everywhere. Woahhh I bet people in the world burnt millions of money that night! Half just watched that, prayed together at home and church, other went to special concert in the center of the city even celebrated in mountain or beach. On the other hand, half of people just think new year eve is same with other nights. All about numbers, right? They think better sleep early if you have no activity with family or friends, prepare for tomorrow activities. How about me that night? After canceled gather with Oslo Princess &gang,because I can't go alone there, I just watched fireworks before midnight & slept. Then have roasted fishs and corns at the first day with my cousin family at their home while my mom&2nd bro did it in the Marapokot beach. Aw, so yummy …