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Life and Lost, my sincere condolences

2014's Reflection #1

2014 will come to it ends. Thank you God for all your guidance till now.
I am grateful for all the situations, heath, family,luck, friends and myself.
I like what I have been experiencing in 2014.

My contract as temporary worker will come to an end too in January 2015. I really enjoy the work and happy to be part of the team. The work environment is so lovely as well the team mates. They are awesome.

I am sad to say that I can"t come back to my hometown right after I finish my contract like I have planned before. I must wait the announce of PK schedule ( one step to get closer to the  LPDP scholarship). It's horrible to wait until my name appear with the fixed schedule. I hope next week will clear.It's still wait for confirmation. Keep fighting for all scholarship hunters, let's your dream led you to better future.

PS: #Oh, no, it just like a diary. I didn't mean that, I should post better, then.

I love to listen to this good song,

All of The Stars

Berproses dalam Hidup

Tentang berproses.  Entah mengapa "berproses" adalah salah satu hal yang saya sukai.

Hidup itu adalah rentetan aktivitas-aktivitas yang patut dihargai sebagai bagian dari proses.Dari yang tidak tahu menjadi tahu, dari yang salah menjadi benar, dari yang tidak sadar menjadi sadar, dari yang alay menjadi tidak alay. Setiap proses yang dilalui itu kemudian hanya bisa dibandingkan dari proses-proses sebelumnya.
Untuk kasus "alay" adalah menyenangkan mengetahui bahwa setelah kita punya kesadaran bahwa kita telah "alay" maka berbahagialah kita satu tahap sudah lebih tinggi dari kehidupan kita sebelumnya.

Congratulation, you are moving forward one step in life to the next phase!
Namun bukan berarti kita tidak akan alay lagi. Setiap kita pasti akan selalu dalam masa-masa alay. Berkali-kali dan akan saya menyenangkan jika kesadaran akan ke"alay' an itu datang dan kita kemudian masuk ke satu tahap pendewasaan yang baru. Begitu seterusnya.

Human Being to become more Human

 "This is my reflection/lesson learn from  AYA/ATF program Kerala, India,& it is re-post from" "Human Being to become more Human." That was one of my important points which I got from the AYA/ATF program.  At first I was kind of wondering, what is that mean? We are human, why we should be more human? But then in my reflection, I have found that nowadays we live in such a consumerism and materialistic era, we are searching to gain more and more, then fighting each other over thing, then we forget about humanism, and the others creations of God like the Earth even the empty spaces too. Our mainl focus on 2014 AYA/ATF program is about the relationship between human, Earth, ecology and how to sustain it  based on farmers lives in ASEAN countries.

It was an honor to be invited and participated in such a conference with the sharing and experiences from many inspiring young people.  …

Saya dan Nagekeo


" People do not take pride in their kitchen. It is the last place in the house shown to a visiting guest " from Understanding Stoves (an eBook by Sai Bhaskar)
That is happen. People build their house in order, rooms, kitchen then bathroom and toilet.
I am thinking otherwise. I would love to build & finish bathroom and toilet first then rooms. Besides, I would love to show a guest of mine my kitchen.

 Anyway, whattttt? As I roll up in to my blog, I just end up with 1 post.Arrgghh!
 and the great two thousand and fourteen will come to an end. Christmas, Christmas, yeah! But I don't think I can spend time with my family but my brother is here with me.

Now I am busy with my new e Reader ;D Finally I have bought one, not kindle paperwhite by the way, the old Sony PRS T1 (Sony doesn't produce it anymore, it kind of sad). Hopefully, it will last for long long long time. I will try to write about the experience with my e Reader.


A piece of Life stories

Life in Twenty Something

Well, things are getting better now. Jokowi's inauguration was the best part so far. Congratulation Mr. Joko Widodo, you are so inspiring! I just hope you can fight over "mama benteng" distraction. Hopefully, I can meet you one day!
The interview session with LPDP panels was done abstractly (my answer, ohh, why I said that). I am waiting the result now, and wishing the good thing will happen.  (Pleaseee say "Amiiin") I will write about the interview session of LPDP after I get the result (whether I will pass or not)
From some conversations I had with some friends about my perspectives, I am so thankful that I was asking their opinion. I shall consider their background also; their life and what is life in their head then decide what values should I consider as my new perspectives.
And in line with Jokowi's third children, hopefully world will more kind to the "single" lady or man. That's all Keep our environment young and pretty.