Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A mind

If you ask, how my life is?
Don't make me try to explain to you
I dunno
who knows? Or are you really care?
I doubt it
Don't expect me answer it quickly as fast as I want to hear from you as you came
I copied yours, how is your life?
What a shame!
We are in the same boat
A man with doubt as bigger as hope
I have known since first I have seen it
The creature,  a very good man that ever made
A master piece of something big behind
All is simply colourful
Unfinished puzzle along our perspective
All is carefully painted, in detailed
Nothing is drawed without purpose
I look it from your bright eyes,
I see someone held my hand tightly while we are impressed by the  moon & stars

Monday, November 18, 2013

A walk & A thought

Hi guys,
This is lovely Monday, right?
Hope all of you are doing well although the weather is in changing process.
Many friends have been sick lately, I hope they are getting better this week.
I feel so grateful that I am still in better condition after Sunday hibernation. 
My Saturday was beautiful, met and greeted Wawan & Odi in UI's library center.
I love being around campus area,  it was  recall all the memory since the first day as well as the question, "when you will go to university again?"
I will but please somewhere far away, kekekeke. Let's try and pray for it, Rosa!
As I was walking around campus, many thoughts come in mind. I saw myself when I was in first year and when I was graduate.  Time flies, right?
I am so thankful, God.
I love the air, the atmosphere always warm as well as the feeling when I was take a walk in registration day five years ago.
I talked to myself, how bad if I was not grateful for the journey and what I am being now.
I have known there are list to achieve, be grateful for that.
I am feeling grateful, too many questions come in mind, what if I get sick, what if I must bed rest in hospital, what if I have nothing in my purse and the others  bad what if.
But many thanks  God for everything I have, the healthy body and the ability to become independent.
I believe my father and mother  are really the good prayers that shape me as how I am now.
I know that I am a lazy prayer, a man with many anxiousness about life whereas the God is always beside & know best of all things.
I decide to be  better, a better children. Let's God shape me as He has planned for me.
Have a blessed week!
The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his step. (Proverbs 16:9)

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Glancing Through Life, a brief review

Hi good readers,
How is your good life? Hope it runs pretty well, bad and good things happened just take a deep breath and you'll find yourself much better than before.
This month's  book is "Glancing Through Life" by Christie Kanter.
It is about self developing book which the author tries to give some good perspective about life and its matter. Life is about find purpose, decide what choice, what is love and how to love,
what is the gift hide behind the hardship and what is the real happiness means.
It is well written book which means easy to read but sometimes hard to apply.
Read this book with your heart and let the thoughts spread around your head, may you should have at least a pen and a piece of paper.
Actually, I have not done yet with the book, because I want to take it slowly, write what come in mind after some paragraphs.
Take quality time in the weekend with good book or do your hobby, it much better than go out somewhere. Traffic jam become worse in this rainy season
besides at the same time I can save money too.
Days thru so fast lately, this year will end some weeks ahead. This is good time to take more time to refresh all the 2013's  wish list and prepare better for 2014
but at least be refresh everyday, be grateful for all the blessed come in persons, view, and daily routine.
(a self reminder for future)

Friday, November 8, 2013

Cold Town, Bajawa

What a cold November, yay!
I can imagine how cold Bajawa is in this season.
We will get the rainy days soon but I think not here in Jakarta, not very often like I was in my hometown.
Rainy days in Bajawa were so wet and misty, even one day along it would full of rain.
Also the high wind sometimes had blown the corn leaves and trees. We couldn't play around but if the rain had stopped,
we went out and cached the flying white ant, played hide and seek, played musuh/enemies ((it is kind of dodge ball game but just two persons catch the little ball) and
boy (there is two team, one play as a keeper with the little ball,  the other as the player, build a stone minitower and don't let the keeper catch by the little ball.
The little ball is from unused paper made like a kasti ball. I wonder if the children there still play like us before.
Unfortunately, my family had moved to the new place in Mbay which is hot than Bajawa.
My father want to spend his retired days in hot weather because  even in the summer season, Bajawa as still cold as well.
You need to cover yourself with thick blankets, sarong, sweater, socks, and even a warm hat while you will also must go out may more than twice to urinate.
If I go there, I think I will not touch the water except it is warm enough.
But I really miss being there, more than five years already since I graduated from Senior High School.
I miss the neighborhood, the lovely people and what I used to call it home.