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Life in Twenty Something

Well, things are getting better now. Jokowi's inauguration was the best part so far. Congratulation Mr. Joko Widodo, you are so inspiring! I just hope you can fight over "mama benteng" distraction. Hopefully, I can meet you one day!
The interview session with LPDP panels was done abstractly (my answer, ohh, why I said that). I am waiting the result now, and wishing the good thing will happen.  (Pleaseee say "Amiiin") I will write about the interview session of LPDP after I get the result (whether I will pass or not)
From some conversations I had with some friends about my perspectives, I am so thankful that I was asking their opinion. I shall consider their background also; their life and what is life in their head then decide what values should I consider as my new perspectives.
And in line with Jokowi's third children, hopefully world will more kind to the "single" lady or man. That's all Keep our environment young and pretty.