Thursday, December 31, 2015

Mau mau di 2016

2015 su mo berakhir su. Sa pu mau-mau banyak sekali la. Hanya saja semua belum tercapai. Sebagian ada sudah dan trims banyak buat Tuhan yang su kasih jalan. Bapa, mama dong yang siang malam doa terus kasih sa dengan sa pu kakak ade dong. Memang betul kalo orang bilang, kita pu bapa mama pu doa tu yang bawa kita ke mana-mana. Bajalan kiri kanan.

 Kejadian-kejadian di 2015 ini banyak, ada banyak rasa, banyak akal ju. Mulai start dari Jakarta trus ke Jogja, trus pulang rumah satu minggu sa deng sekarang tinggal sementara jadi warga Bandung. Sa mo cepat pulang sudah, mo jadi warga Nagekeo, mo menikah, mo  bangun keluarga #eh. Calon ti tau di mana, su omong keluarga. Biar sudah, hanya Tuhan yang tau. Tuhan belum kasih ketemu, hahaha.

Iya, masih menulis diary ;D
Sa pu resolusi tahun ini, mo jadi lebih bahagia. Banyak mati aha momentnya sa punya ini tahun. E banyak mati yang sa su tahu dari dulu tapi sa baru mengerti tu sekarang-sekarang. Tau dan mengerti tuh  memang dua hal yang jelas beda. Di 2016, semoga sa dikasih kesempatan e, pigi jalan-jalan, pi praktek sa pu bahasa Inggris yang masih setengah-setengah ini. Ikut konferensi ko, workshop ko, apa la yang penting tambah stempel satu di paspor.

Bae su. Sa doakan semoga banyak hal yang lebih bae e, untuk kita semua.

#Maafkan jika tidak menggunakan bahasa Indonesia yang baik dan benar. Posting edisi iseng dan merindu rumah.

#LogatTimur campuran

New Year's gift

It was a long day for me. I felt exhausted so before I slept last night, I gave my deep sigh. I  also felt my strength released over my body and I was surrounded by my weakness. I felt low and finally let all my worry go while I slept. Well, it is not really big issue though, just something come up in my mind, something like what if, how can, etc.
The good news now is that I am happy to tell you how happy I am now. After releasing a deep sigh last night, I forgot everything and fallen into a deep sleep quickly. Guess what? I had a dream about my  cool grandfather. I want to write that because the feeling was like he is visiting me and comforting me. Also, I am felling supported by the fact that he came by wearing  his blue western-style shirt and Nagekeo"s sarong plus a laptop bag in the back. That was cool.
He looked so fresh like a young man as wise as before.

I don't know what we  were  talking about  but as we sat together in a restaurant table.  I told him what is my life now and
 he want me to believe in my self and do whatever I want to do. I felt love and support all over me. He gave his trust. The feeling is like you are home already for the New Year.
Well I want to remember this nice dream, it is a nice dream to end the 2015 and to continue my life with a good positive vibe for those around. Hopefully, 2016 will be better for me, for every person in my life and for you readers.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Floating Market versi Lembang

Beberapa hari lalu, saya dan teman-teman berkunjung ke Floating Marketnya Bandung. Berbeda dari tempat wisata  yang kami kunjungi, Floating Market benar-benar tempat wisata yang bersih, rapi, aman dan nyaman. Mengapa demikian? Soalnya saya menemui taman-taman mini yang cantik juga kerja yang baik dari seluruh staf FM yang langsung  tanggap bersih-bersih setelah ada yang meninggalkan sampah. Sebenarnya sayang juga, bukan karena kesadaran pengunjung tapi karena pekerjanya yang siap sedia. 

Selain itu, di FM, kamu tidak menemui penjual-penjual yang menjajakan dagangannya di sembarang tempat, atau memaksa kamu buat beli dagangan atau memanggil-manggil menjajakan makanannya. Di FM, semua terkondisikan, sehingga pembeli dan penjual nyaman. Oh ya, konsep FM ini jangan kamu bayangkan, kalau kamu ikut bertransaksi di atas perahu. Kamu di pinggir saja, sedangkan penjaja makanan menjajakan makanan di atas perahu (bukan perahu sih)  di pinggir danau buatan. Makanan yang dijual biasanya bukan makanan berat tapi jajanan-jajanan dengan range harga 10000-35000.Jadi, memang tidak diwajibkan untuk membawa makanan dari luar. 
Untuk tempat makannya, 

cabe rawitnya menggoda iman
Nah, jika tidak menggunakan kendaraan pribadi, lokasi wisata ini bisa dijangkau dengan angkot sampai ke terminal Ledeng. Kemudian dari terminal Ledeng kita bisa naik angkot putin yang menuju Lembang. Jika macet, sopirnya ambil jalan pintas yang pemandangannya lumayan bikin fresh mata.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Good Holiday

I didn't prepare my holiday at the beginning. My friend asked me and my answer was Jakarta and Bogor while honestly it is not my favorite place. I may go there just one day or two to get rid my boredom. Well, sorry for those who longing for long holiday, I have almost 20 days of day off from school and I have no itinerary.

Travelling generally means to me if I am not just travel around, but at least I participate in something like conference, relatives wedding or seminars.

Last night I searched about the possibility of getting summer school scholarship anticipating my next summer holiday. I checked my previous and found one email from my Malaysian friend about one international training in peace in Pati Semarang. I checked the dates, and the good news is I am available on that day.At first, I was disappoint because the registration was closed since November. However I tried to email them and got the good news today. I can participate on the training in 4-9 January 2016.  I have my tickets and I am excited to meet the other participants as well as the facilitators.

I'll talk more about it later. Keep the good feeling and sharing to people around you.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Book Review: How to stop Worrying and Start Living

I would like to start this review by mentioning why I chose this book instead  of other fun materials. Let me guess that you may think of how stressed I am to read this kind of book. Even myself had thought that it must be really depressed person to have interest in it. Well, the reason behind it that it was for the English learning purpose. I committed to buy one of English book and at the time there it was. Well, let me review it for you.

How to stop worrying and start living
Actually this is  an old books and it is quite popular,  wrote with love and passion by the famous Dale Carnegie.  As it well written in the title, the writer wants to give advice to the reader about how to overcome the worry that you may face in your real life. If you are a businessman or who just want to start with it, this is a good book.  

Honestly to me, this book is like well written diary. Every chapter of this book begins with such  a real story that you can easily imagine it. Before explaining the "how" things, the writer wants us to feel the experience that he or  his colleagues had gone through it. The sentences is easily understandable so as you read that you will also relate it to your own experiences. The good news is after each chapter, you will read the summary points of how that easily to remember so you can practice those later.

Since the book was designed to be a pocket book,  the content is full from the top till the bottom of the page You may tired about it but as it written, the book is designed to be fully read in a long period.

The writer suggested that to fully understand the material, one should read at least twice. Not because it hard to understand but I think in order to give us a chance to relate it to our experiences and can get something meaningful from it.

Guys, let me end this review with the best quote from this book based on my view,

"For better or for worse, you must cultivate your own little garden. For better or for worse, you must play your own little instrument in the orchestra of life."

Have a good reading, everyone!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas

Selamat Natal 2015 :D
from Bandung with love 

Hari raya Natal bertepatan dengan Maulid Nabi. Kebetulan yang menandakan bahwa kerukunan beragama di Indonesia semakin baik. Selamat merayakan Maulid Nabi bagi yang merayakan  Amin

Saturday, November 21, 2015

What a week! Paris bombed, a die to early of student

Writing is  a continuous process and look how I commit to do it, a  post for one month?? that is terrible. What on earth I am doing! I am not so busy, though. Well, move on! this month I should post more to have better  accumulative number than last year. It means that I have to post more than 8 posts at minimum to get the good record for myself. 

Last week was sad, heard a really sad news about Paris bombed. My  heart and prayers  are  with the victims. I can not imagine how people were excited to enjoy the concert with the light heart and then they had to face the end of their life at sudden. This is a big crime in human right, men are getting cruel day by day.

 To adding some problem to that, I have to add more with the suicide of a young boy of Junior High School near my home. I think the local government should have more concern about this case. I don't know what come in this young boy to commit suicide while that would be a lot to see in this still very beautiful world.   Family, teacher and local communities such as Karang Taruna, churches, mosques should have to pass the gift of life more to children in a right way.  I can' t wait to be part of it.

Lastly, my thought also go with the attitude of college student  who are getting brutal. There are some news about young people from East Nusa Tenggara made a fuss with their very bad attitudes. A college student died in Malang and there was a fight between students (NTT &Ambon). Bad. That was bad. I am one of the student who come far away from a little town in NTT to get more knowledge, to learn more to be a better person. parents are sending us away to make us better but this what we are giving them, a heartbreaking story. Personally, I really think that this should be needed a serious concern for  NTT's education. We have to raise an awareness of peace and educative perspective to college student that they have to live out of racism negativity.

*Sorry, the caption in too detail,  I dont know what to caption this post

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Random Soal Cinta

Hi good people,

Semoga semua hal selalu baik adanya sesuai restu Tuhan dan kebahagiaan kita. Mari bersyukur untuk seminggu kemarin yang telah kita lewati. Banyak up dan down, tapi percayalah banyak yang mencintai kita dengan sungguh- sungguh. Ada keluarga kita yang meski jauh, selalu membawa kita dalam doa di tiap hari mereka memulai hari. Mari kita selalu bersyukur untuk itu.

pray for people who loved & hurt you

Bahkan mungkin ada teman dekat yang selalu mendoakan kita diam-diam. Mendoakan kebahagiaan orang lain adalah hal yang baik, apalagi orang yang kita sukai. Isi doanya sih, tidak macam-macam, mana bisa kita mendoakan agar  dia balik menyukai kita.
Kita sungguh tidak bisa memaksa seseorang untuk menyukai kita. Mendoakan agar dia selalu dalam damai, sehat dan bahagia sudah bikin kita bahagia.  Kemudian, kita bisa mempersiapkan diri untuk kehidupan kita ke depannya, menjadi lebih baik, lebih bijak,lebih damai,  lebih rendah hati dan lebih bahagia sampai ada saatnya orang yang tepat datang pada saat yang tepat.

Waktu bisa membuktikan segala hal akan datang pada saatnya. Tetap bersabar dan bahagia---bahagia hanya soal perspektif, bukan apa yang kita punya atau apa yang tidak kita punya.




Saya, Rosa. 
Saya suka sekali tidur dan bermimpi. Suka diajar dan mengajar. Menikmati puisi, pagi dan senja. Suka pengalaman "ahaaa". Makin tua, pengalaman ahaaa-nya semakin banyak. 

Dan suka kamu-kamu yang positif, jujur dan humoris.

Tulisan-tulisan di blog ini adalah rangkaian cerita hidup, pemikiran, pengalaman yang sayang kalau tidak dituliskan.

Kadang post di sini dipakai untuk belajar Bahasa Inggris, self writing assignments. 

Monday, September 28, 2015


Mari menertawakan ketidakistimewaan
mari menertawakan ketidaktahuan
mari menertawakan kebodohan
mari menertawakan kesenjangan
mari menertawakan perbedaan
mari menertawakan kebutaan
mari menertawakan kekeliruan
mari menertawakan ketidakberdayaan
mari menertawakan penolakan
mari menertawakan ketegaran
mari menertawakan kelemahan
mari menertawakan kesakitan
mari menertawakan kesenjangan
itulah cara Tuhan memberi tahu
bahagia yang sederhana

and the universe will laugh with you...

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Rasanya seperti sudah lama kenal
Jika diam adalah hal yang paling indah
Untuk dinikmati bersama
Mengecap pikiran masing-masing
Duduk dalam angin sepoi
Siang sedang teriknya
Tetapi kita teduh

(September,2015,mengenang kita)

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Trip to Situ Cileunca & Malabar tea garden

Well, hi good people...
Happy weekend!
Last week was the best. We went to Pengalengan Bandung, enjoyed our togetherness and had a bunch of beautiful moments. Oh well, I have to introduce my good and crazy classmates here. We will be a team for the next two years and until the rest of our life.
Finally,I saw and enjoyed the tea garden there. Also, the nice sun rise in the lake that we found accidentally.
Pengalengan is about 2 hours from Bandung to the south. You have to go there by car or motorcycle because there is not public transportation(Sorry,I am not really sure about this). You can visit Situ Ciluenca and Malabar tea garden. Also have #igabakar for your lunch.It was around 35K and worth it.
All the photos here are not mine. It taken from ig @liaryanti,'s phone, @bimastyaji  and our cool photographer's @didiguci (ig). Please contact personally for capturing your joyful events and also find him in
Had a very good weekend. May you can find peace here in Pengalengan.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Short Course-Jogjakarta

Hi good people, how’s life? Welcome to my personal blog. I hope that you will enjoy my writing style. If there may be many grammar errors , please let me know :D

I had great moments in these past few weeks. Really, August is my month. These are a glance that I have to mention:  failed to attend the closing ceremony (this was sad) , went home  (it was the early birthday gift) ,long journey Ende-Kupang-Surabaya-Jakarta-Bandung trip in my birthday and  first week as graduate student in Institute Technology Bandung (pray for my weight, Bandung is the best place to gain more weight).
First of all, I want to thank all of you for all the birthday wishes. It means a lot. The one advantage of LPDP scholarship (affirmation program) is that you will have an English program conducted by a really experience lectures and facilitators. 

All the awardees-photo: madame KS
I was lucky to have P2B UNY lecturers and facilitators as my lectures and mentors during our six months English course.  They have taught us not just about TOEFL score but also the life lessons which are the most important in our life. Also they were really great host to us, all the new comers to Jogjakarta who come all around Indonesia.  I would like to thanks for the excursion experiences and the class arrangements in the last term which was connecting us in deeper friendship.  We would like to say sorry for our mistakes and attitude
Saman dancers-photo:  MA
: D 

I have met good people all around Indonesia as my new friends and colleagues. We really had a lot of fun despite of our challenges in learning English. We learn each other experience and build the same dream to be a better person now and in the future. We learn that the diversity is beautiful like colorful painting that we have to keep and to share to our next generation. I am happy to see the Saman video dance danced by young gentlemen and ladies from all around Indonesia (proud of all of you). I hope that our friendship can last forever as a proud story to our next generation. 

class -photo:  NF

photo :  TL

 Now we are in starting line to get into the next level of our life. We hope that we can face all the challenges and be better person.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Friend's Roles

pic taken from

The good thing to be a listener is that you learn new things. Those are things that you are inexperienced.
You'll imagine and take a whole story as yours.
As you listen, you try to enter the scene and choose to be an actor.
The story is not yours but you'll try to answer all the questions which are given to you. Even, you are not giving a clear answer or your answer is complicated. 
It's interesting and that is what relationship really is, to share, to give, to care, to help, to be there with someone who trusts you and accepts who you are. 

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Kebun Binatang Gembira Loka

Libur telah tiba! Libur telah tiba!

Pintu masuk GL (ft koleksi pribadi)
Nah, sahabat blogger sekalian, anda dan keluarga pasti sedang senang-senangnya menyambut liburan Lebaran yang sekarang ini sudah dimulai. Saya mengucapkan selamat puasa bagi teman-teman yang menjalankan, semoga berkah di bulan Ramadhan ini semakin bertambah.

Menyambut liburan tentu akan sangat menyenangkan untuk membawa anak, keponakan, atau adik-adik kita ke tempat wisata. Banyak pilihan lokasi wisata yang bisa kita datangi di Yogyakarta. Jika anda menimbang lokasi, transport, budget dan jenis wisata yang bermanfaat dan meng"edukasi", kebun binatang Gembira Loka bisa menjadi wisata yang menyenangkan untuk anak anda.

Harga tiket Gembira Loka, April 2015  (ft koleksi pribadi)

Beberapa waktu lalu, saya dan teman-teman kelas mengunjugi salah satu tempat wisata di kota Yogyakarta,yakni kebun binatang "Gembira Loka". Kunjungan ke sana sebenarnya agak miris bagi saya, karena melihat kebahagiaan binatang-binatang itu (kebebasan) sudah diambil dan melihat mereka kurus-kurus kurang terawat. Namun, demi kebahagiaan anak,adik, atau keponakan kita yang rasa ingin tahunya sedang tinggi-tingginya,kebun binatang merupakan tempat yang tepat untuk memberi kenangan indah.

Pengunjung menikmati perjalanan kelilingdanau (ft koleksi pribadi) 
Akses ke kebun binatang "Gembira Loka"  bisa dengan transJogja karena letaknya masih di dalam kota Jogjakarta. Tersedia 2 pilihan tiket dengan tiket standar masuk sebesar Rp.25.000,00. Kalau membayar sedikit lebih mahal, pengunjung bisa mendapatkan pengalaman naik perahu motor atau speed boat di danau di dalam kebun binatang

Selamat merencanakan liburan anda! Salam baik dan sejahtera selalu.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Hi sweet July!

Hi July, a sweet start.
I think I am ready for a really fresh new month ahead. Looking back to the past few months, I can say that I have emotionally reached a new phase of life. There were many scenes that I have consciously and unconsciously experienced. Some were actually new, some were routines and the others were "Aha" moments that enlightened my days.

source:google images 

I have to be really careful with my heart and also my mind. It is now in a kind of sensitive phase which I, myself can not strongly control it. However, I do believe in the powerful of mind which it is said that you can control everything with the powerful mind of yours. Frankly speaking, even your orgasm is contributed by your great mind. Your mind is your king.Then, I am aware that I can gently handle my soft heart in the right way.
Though, I have some good improvement in one thing, one I should carefully consider is my tongue. Sometimes, I sounds "bitchy". I am not proud of that. I want an improvement.
To conclude this good writing (haha) I'm going to look forward for many good things ahead. I have to make sure that I create my destiny. I really want to write again with a good news that I have been waiting this week. I really hoppe a good news.
Good bye June and welcome a sweet July!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

The way to graduate school

Hi bloggers,

Now I am on my way back to Yogyakarta from Bandung taking Kahuripan
train . I just had my interview & major tests, also the TPA Bappenas
source:google images


How was the test? I didn't do it well. My time management was poor at
the 2nd type test of TPA. The figurial test was also annoying for me.
Hopefully, I can make it to pass the university's requirement. I have
to prepare for the worst registering for 2nd chance of TPA,I guess.

The Environmental Engineering test and the interview test were quite
so so. At least, the interviewers let me answer all questions happily.
The worst part was about my carbon-chain grade.


I have one conditional letter too from Wolonggong university but the
major is Chemistry not the Environmental Science which I had chosen in
the first place. Well, I hope things will go right as God had planned
for me.

However, there was a good event happen this week which it was
enlightening my mood. Guess what? My very close friend' wedding.
Though the distance,I feel so close to her. In her birthday at June
20, she brought her adorable twins. Cnngratulation for your marriage,
sista, I am proud of you. This is a really new phase, stay cool and
live happily ever after.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Tips menghadapi tes TOEFL

Berikut tips dan trick dalam mempersiapkan diri menghadapi tes TOEFL
yang bisa saya bagi ke teman-teman. Sumbernya dari pengalaman pribadi
dan beberapa teman. Semoga berhasil mencapai standar minimal skor
500-550(untuk ujian masuk pasca sarjana atau tes dosen dan PNS serta
beasiswa :-D).

1.Biasakan mengerjakan soal-soal TOEFL 1 bulan sebelum tes. Banyak
sekali sumber yang bisa teman-teman download di internet. Longman &
Baron TOEFL preparation bisa menjadi sumber yang bagus.

2.Pelajari kembali konsep noun, verb, adverb, adjective dan tenses
karena pada soal "structure" banyak sekali soal subject-verb
agreement. Jika kita sudah paham konsep, kita akan dengan mudah
menandai kata yang salah walaupun kalimatnya panjang.

3.Nah bagaimana cara agar kita bisa mengingat dengan baik konsep yang
sudah kita pelajari. Pergunakanlah dalam kalimat sehari-hari dengan
menuliskannya kembali. Walaupun untuk TOEFL ITP tidak membutuhkan
"writing" dengan menulis kita bisa terlatih untuk mengingat "tenses"
dan ketentuan-ketentuan lain seperti penggunaan prepoisi, kalimat
pengandaian,dan lainnya.

4.Untuk sesi listening, ada baiknya teman-teman mengganti playlist
dengan listening session TOEFL. Dengan demikian, kita akan menjadi
terbiasa dengan "dialect" dan beberapa pertanyaan yang sering keluar
dalam soal TOEFL.

5.Untuk sesi reading, tidak rugi jika teman-teman sering-sering
membaca artikel dalam bahasa Inggris. Dengan banyak membaca, kita
melatih "sense of English" kita. Jika teman-teman tidak tahu artinya,
jangan ragu untuk buka-buka kamus. Benaran tidak akan merugi karena
dengan cara inilah kita akan mudah mengingat kosakata dibandingkan

Semangat teman-teman seperjuangan. Jika kita berniat sungguh-sungguh.
maka mencapai skoryang kita inginkan bukan tidak mungkin. Hanya dengan
kerja keras dan semangat yang tidak pernah henti.

Salam baik.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Menjadi besar-sebuah puisi

Hujan masih tanpa bau tanah
Dan ia rindu pada pulang
memeluk ibu dan hangatnya
masih dengan ingatan dimandikan air hangat
sebelum sekolah

Di balik kaca dan sinar matahari satu-satu
Ada wajah bapak di sana
Mungkin rambutnya sudah memutih
dan kakinya mulai lelah
Ia tertawa kecil, mengenang bapak
Ia masih digendng hingga sembilan tahun

Kamu sudah besar nak, sudah besar, sudah besar

Adalah rindu kepada ibu ketika tangan mengusap ubun-ubun di tiap malam
Aku masih seperti lima tahun
bersembunyi di balik punggungmu

Adalah rindu kepada bapak ketika tak seorang pun mendengarmu dengan diam
Dia selalu tanpa menyela dan membiar mimpi itu jadi tinggi

Ah, kamu sudah besar nak!
                                                                                                          Yogyakarta, senja
                                                                                                            12 Mei 2015
                                                                                                         Tentang menjadi pejuang

Friday, May 15, 2015

People Around

Life is so damn pretty when we share laugh together with friends who
see us as the way we are. Sometimes we don't need to try to make fake
joke, just . simple smile, nod or even a silent word.

I have realized so far that I have met really good people around. They
have come & gone for a reason in my life. Each of them has brought
something that I can learn. Some stays still, while others don't.

As a friend, I am sad to say that I am not a really good one. I am not
good to keep friends around with me. I am not good in asking "whats
up" thing regularly or to really know all little things which has
happened in my friends' life.Although I have my handphone with me, I
rarely use it to send a message.
Even for my family members. Not because I have forgoten them, I just
love to see them when I see & talk to them directly. I'd love to have
deep communication when I see them. That'
s what an introvert wants, a real conversation.

Note :

Weekly life lesson: People don't really hope a clear answer, a simple
smile is enough.

Monday, May 4, 2015

How to be great every single day

It's so lovely to send a love to yourself everytime you get up. Slowly
breathtaking bring you up to feel grateful for your beautiful life.
It's beautiful in its imperfection. An early smile will last entire
day. A prayer for those you love is always a nice gift for each of

Just mind your business and tell your story but be a good listener to
friends.Keep in mind that it's not your story to tell. Be a nice
company to your friend.

*Salam baik *

*Rosa DP*

Sunday, April 19, 2015


I don 't know why
I don't know when
I just know that I enjoy every minutes
I just know that we share things together

For one reason, I just want to be born again
I want to be "nude" from all those things we called races, religions,
nationality and so on
I want to be free from all streotypes
I want to be a "real" human that see you as you are, your thought,
your sparkling eyes, your companies

Who am I?
Just a silly girl in this huge world
I can do nothing
All I know is I don't know how to stop this kind of feeling
though I say I am trying..

I know we can't choose with whom we fallin'
and as wise words I've heard before,
just enjoy and let it be as it is.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

#PK27 Jogjakarta Prasetya Mandala

Hi bloggers, how is life?
I am doing well lately. There were many highlights moments in my life that I love to share because it was precious.  I am grateful to have experienced it. I want you have good life too, no matter how it is.

First one was the #PK27 moment. Finally, after about one month preparation & communication via mailing list, we 124 awardees of Prasetya Mandala met up in Yogyakarta in 9-14 February 2015. I was excited because this was my first time in Yogyakarta & met cool young men for all around of Indonesia. I had planned to go to this warm city years ago when I was in college but that was just nice plan. Our PK activities were so memorable.  We were divided into many Indonesian traditional houses groups.  I was in Betang (named from Borneo traditional house). Our group was so good when it came to teamwork and discipline but not too good as supporters, (hahahhaha). We were so silent but each of us enjoys the time together.

I am proud to be one of PK27 awardee

All the pictures belong to @LPDP_RI

I would like to say many thanks to #PKLPDP team who were really nice to us. They were great and humble when welcomed us. They were met us with all the great speakers whom their life inspire and motivate us. The first person in Jogjakarta, Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X, was the one who welcome us #PK27. He even had dinner with us. Unfortunately, we didn’t allow to take photo of him when dinner. We also had the principal of UIN Sunan Kali Jaga university, ibu Ellies Sutrisna  (motivator & author), Prof Djamaludin Ancok, Ph.D, Ustad Hamid Hamzy Zarkasyi. 

Besides indoor activities, we also had outdoor activities. We visited TNI AD  in Jogjakarta The army shared about their daily life and experiences.We played games and had enjoyed our visit though I think the out bond session just so so. We hadn't gotten the chance to try on flying fox, rafting, paintball, etc. We just played games but it was really fun. Also, we have gotten the chance to met teachers and students of  SLB C Dharma Ring Tri Putra 2. We were so grateful that all the things were run well. I would like to thanks all the #PK27 who have prepared and supported all the things so it came out well. 

Salam Prasetya Mandala! Berjanji setia untuk negara. 

*All the pictures here are not mine, belong to @LPDP_RI
*Contact me if you find some grammatical error :D. I am in English preparation class now so this part is one of my writing exercise.
*If you want to ask me about the LPDP scholarship, just leave a comment. It's my pleasure to share to you. Keep fighting, dear!

Friday, February 6, 2015

What news?

Hi readers,
How about your day?
Today is my last day in the office. It’s quite sad because I love the working environment; work with good & great teammates and manager. I am having good time there.  

Another good new is, my first trip to Jogja will be in this weekend.  How come? During my temporary stay in Java Island, I haven’t landed my feet in such warm land for most of students in Indonesia. The trip will be memorable for me because I will meet and greet good new friends of mine from Indonesia with the diverse in each of them. We have trusted each other to make the Leadership camp will last forever in our mind.

We do really hope the best for the all the events that the team have arranged.   
Good luck for PK LPDP batch 27! 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Mempertanyakan Hukuman Mati

Pada saat ini saya seharusnya masih berkutat dengan tugas-tugas #PKLPDP27 ,namun saya masih menaruh hati dan pikiran saya pada saudara-saudara yang dieksekusi mati. Saya masih #greget untuk mencurahkan kegelisahan saya ini, setelah mendengar dan membaca mengenai eksekusi mati beberapa orang pengedar narkoba.

Saya bukan seorang ahli hukum yang ingin memperdebatkan  & menilai prosedur eksekusi mati dari segi hukum. Saya hanya warga sipil biasa yang hanya tahu bahwa hukum itu adalah rangkaian kesepakatan-kesepakatan yang dibuat oleh manusia untuk menegakan keadilan. Hukum pun dalam perjalanannya harus disesuaikan dan digubah sesuai situasi dan kondisi pada periode tertentu karena ilmu pengetahuan, wawasan dan pemahaman, sosial budaya dan ekonomi politik suatu bangsa berkembang dalam tatanan waktu tersebut. (IMHO & *IMLK)

Hak untuk mengeksekusi

 Di atas semua hal nafas hidup manusia dan keberadaan manusia itu dengan kelebihan dan kekurangannya adalah makhluk paling indah dan paling mulia. Melebihi agama sekalipun. Penghargaan terhadap manusia yang satu dengan yang lan pun menjadi suatu hal yang selayaknya ada, sebenci-bencinya kita dengan orang lain. Sesama  manusia itu adalah kita, dengan organ tubuh, indera dan otak yang ada dalam diri kita walau dengan komposisi yang berbeda-beda.

 Lalu layakkah kita untuk menarik nafas kehidupan orang lain dan membiarkan menjadi onggokan
source; google images (CALM)
daging. THAT’S REALLY CRUEL!! I know they have killed people by drugs and narcotic, and more than thousands people in the whole world prayed those to be died, but not died in that way, not died because country’s law.
 Siapa lu yang berhak mengambil hak hidup orang lain?!!!!! #Sigh

Kemudian akan ada pertanyaan muncul, bagaimanakah hukuman untuk manusia yang tidak tahu malu, yang melakukan pembunuhan berencana? #Sh*t !  Mengapa orang harus bunuh membunuh? Ke mana perginya hati nurani orang-orang sakit jiwa ini? Kepuasan macam apa, ketika melihat orang mati terkapar, tak bernyawa? Bagi yang memperjuangkan keadilan tentu saja menginginkan hukuman yang setimpal. Mereka yang kehilangan orang yang sangat disayangi akibat dibunuh, #mungkin akan puas jika melihat pembunuhnya dihukum setimpal dengan perbuatan namun bukan dengan ide hukum menghukum yang buruk berupa hukuman mati.

Sudahkah hukuman mati ini menjadi hukuman paling adil? Sudahkan hukuman mati ini menjadi hukuman yang paling tepat sasaran untuk meminimalisir tindak kejahatan?

Selain berduka karena korban hukum yang masih harus dipertanyakan ini, Indonesia turut berduka atas meninggalnya bapak Bob Sadino, you are rocking, pak!
*IMLK :In my limited knowledge 

Friday, January 16, 2015

Becoming a Freelancer

Today, January 16 2015 is my last day to become a full time employee. I just accept my contract as part time employee. Yeay! I will focus on my preparation to continue study though my salary, huaaa hiiks hiks

As part of my reflection for my future.
I have been thinking of becoming a consultant
I want to be a freelance consultant or at least become owner of a public consultant.  
I want to be an consultant's owner or at least become a freelance consultant.
source: google images