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Good transportation?

I am very tired and need sleep but I want to keep a promise to write every day. Hem, let’s talk about something that make me really concernedly.
Yeah, let’s talk about road and transportation in our country. Two days ago, I saw a junior high school student, hanged his body on the back of train. Like a Spiderman but unhappily, he don’t have power or something to support his bad position. I don’t want to reflect on if suddenly he feels tired. Jiaaah...,I really sad about that, why  he must take a big risk to go to his school or home.  Who must be responsibility about that?
Well, overcrowding in train is not new. If you live in Jakarta, certainly you always see or maybe you are the train passenger. Strap hangers were not strange. That seems normally.  How it could be?
Yeah, people certainly choose the best one, like cheap, and fast although they have big risk too. Hem, I also choose train too than bus. Traffic jam is popular in Jakarta , right?
 As far as I can see, our transportation in I…

Writing, Kompas and Midterm

Hi world..., I comeback.  First, I want to say thank you so much for blessed day by day. Our God gives all things best for us, right? Hope your day always shine like sun in the morning, warm and bright. Wow, it’s October now, raining and raining.  Ow, thunderstorm made me shocked in Depok
. Secondly, I promise to myself will always write if I have time (you always have time Rosa, but you lazy, just lazy..^.^)because I love write and like I said before,  “With writing, I know day by day is not same”  hahaha, what a good expression, haa?

 Yeah, it also to bring nearer with my dream to become a writer.  Not simple. When I was young (still young till now,hehehe), in elementary,I thought ahaaaaaaaa  I can be a good writer, or a journalist or correspondent in Kompas. 
It’s still dream. But I just think I could because now Agnes Monica (what a best singer of Indonesia!!!) can make real her dream to go international.  She got chances to be an American Music  Award(AMA)host  2010 . 
Congratulation …