Wednesday, February 25, 2015

#PK27 Jogjakarta Prasetya Mandala

Hi bloggers, how is life?
I am doing well lately. There were many highlights moments in my life that I love to share because it was precious.  I am grateful to have experienced it. I want you have good life too, no matter how it is.

First one was the #PK27 moment. Finally, after about one month preparation & communication via mailing list, we 124 awardees of Prasetya Mandala met up in Yogyakarta in 9-14 February 2015. I was excited because this was my first time in Yogyakarta & met cool young men for all around of Indonesia. I had planned to go to this warm city years ago when I was in college but that was just nice plan. Our PK activities were so memorable.  We were divided into many Indonesian traditional houses groups.  I was in Betang (named from Borneo traditional house). Our group was so good when it came to teamwork and discipline but not too good as supporters, (hahahhaha). We were so silent but each of us enjoys the time together.

I am proud to be one of PK27 awardee

All the pictures belong to @LPDP_RI

I would like to say many thanks to #PKLPDP team who were really nice to us. They were great and humble when welcomed us. They were met us with all the great speakers whom their life inspire and motivate us. The first person in Jogjakarta, Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X, was the one who welcome us #PK27. He even had dinner with us. Unfortunately, we didn’t allow to take photo of him when dinner. We also had the principal of UIN Sunan Kali Jaga university, ibu Ellies Sutrisna  (motivator & author), Prof Djamaludin Ancok, Ph.D, Ustad Hamid Hamzy Zarkasyi. 

Besides indoor activities, we also had outdoor activities. We visited TNI AD  in Jogjakarta The army shared about their daily life and experiences.We played games and had enjoyed our visit though I think the out bond session just so so. We hadn't gotten the chance to try on flying fox, rafting, paintball, etc. We just played games but it was really fun. Also, we have gotten the chance to met teachers and students of  SLB C Dharma Ring Tri Putra 2. We were so grateful that all the things were run well. I would like to thanks all the #PK27 who have prepared and supported all the things so it came out well. 

Salam Prasetya Mandala! Berjanji setia untuk negara. 

*All the pictures here are not mine, belong to @LPDP_RI
*Contact me if you find some grammatical error :D. I am in English preparation class now so this part is one of my writing exercise.
*If you want to ask me about the LPDP scholarship, just leave a comment. It's my pleasure to share to you. Keep fighting, dear!

Friday, February 6, 2015

What news?

Hi readers,
How about your day?
Today is my last day in the office. It’s quite sad because I love the working environment; work with good & great teammates and manager. I am having good time there.  

Another good new is, my first trip to Jogja will be in this weekend.  How come? During my temporary stay in Java Island, I haven’t landed my feet in such warm land for most of students in Indonesia. The trip will be memorable for me because I will meet and greet good new friends of mine from Indonesia with the diverse in each of them. We have trusted each other to make the Leadership camp will last forever in our mind.

We do really hope the best for the all the events that the team have arranged.   
Good luck for PK LPDP batch 27!