Thursday, October 31, 2013

Mother Worry

Hi minds all over the illusion world,
Everyday we face the choices for all of our aspects of life.
Choose what to wear what kind of clothes, shoes, colors, shapes, schools, as well as what we want to be.
I think it changes every time. I used to love fried noodles and hate sauce noodles but now I prefer sauce noodles.
As a child, I had dreamt to be a teacher for eight years, not just a teacher I also given the detailed, teacher in remote place but it changes.
My mom called me this morning after sent me message last night which I didn't reply.
I have know she means it, because I  received lateness.
She has encouraged me to attend the certificate teacher program which I am not intend to do. I love teaching but not in that way. It like a recall but I know I have another choice but at the time I can't answer to my mother. She thinks it doesn't real plan.
Besides she added, the house is empty like we have no children, awwww. How sadly! I'll back soon just wait patiently.
I know my mother just want me back and regret if I can't get job there but I have my own plan.
I will come back after this two years plans and experiences are passed
I know I can't see my future but I just believe that I'll get as I wish because I am on my way trying to reach it.
I choose what I want and I believe Lord will give a way.
Many are the plans in the mind of man,
but is is the purpose of the Lord (Proverbs 16:19)

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

All in God's hands

Hi gorgeous friends ,how is everything going on? I hope you had a very good time with your surround, your family and your lovely one.  Btw, This life is quite quiet or just my life? For the last I mentioned, if you don't have any, it doesn't really matter, we are the same side. God has prepared it, it just about time.
For the last four months or more I had worked with the  application and submitted just yesterday, four days  to deadline date.
This was better than my first application, one day to deadline, hehehehe.
This time is counting days refer to the old timeline from other senior grantees.
Luckily, It is more faster to get the result for the very first step, interview session  than the first application.
Oh, oh, oh, oh I am nervous, Is my application especially essays questions logic enough? Is it worth to choose among hundreds applications?
I have  reviewed my application many times and I have screamed  how stupid I answered that way.
But, I believe my essay was not in last minute preparation, it took countless editing and reviewing.
Also, I have the proofreaders  both in grammar and words choices, God blesses them, thank you so much for helping and supporting.
I have been hoping and waiting for the best luck of my scholarship application.
All in God's hands and just for the God's sake
Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication
with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God
(Philippians 4:6)

Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday, October 14, 2013


Ada yang salah, yah tapi aku tidak menginginkan kebenaran juga.
Biarkan saja begitu, mengalir tanpa tahu kapan terkuak.
Jika sudah waktunya saja, tidak tahu.
Lalu apa artinya, menunggu. Menunggu adalah setia, menunggu adalah memendam sekian rindu, menunggu adalah membangun serangkaian mimpi pengalih waktu.
Salam orang yang tertawan rindu

Jakarta, Bambu Kuning 4
Hari raya Kurban

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Useless 1

Things are getting worse or this is just my negative thinking.
I have known for some matters it is not in my hand. Too many head too consider.
Everybody in this team is being somewhat sensitive with this condition even the humorist one.
This is work, pressure everywhere. I was angry too and my expression got worse, hadehhhhhh whereas I want to stay beautifully and calmly
Furthermore, I was disappointed with the OB, they were kind of choosing with whom they'll work.
It was a shame.
I love this work. I love it, but I'll go somewhere with great experiences. I want it.
Hope things, all things getting are  better.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Time to say good bye to Mr. Lappy

I have been waiting to see my last post has published but it still publishing. What on Earth the blogger application went wrong like that? :-/ I had spent nearly one hour typed it and one day waited if it publish or not. Ah, give my words back! It is too much to rewrite again since yup everything is not the same with the original one. :-/

Keep calm and write other things.

I am kind of feeling suck today because I cancelled to attended the writing workshop event  in TIM but first of all it is for the good too. Spending weekend in Jakarta out of your own room means you'll never save money. That's the fact!

I also have been working with my lovely netbook since it'll be moved to my brother's hand. Oh dear lappy, thank you so much for our years together. You knew everything about me, my undergraduate thesis and running man things. I'll miss you. I am recycling of old notes, videos and musics to keep the local disk C still has more free space for my broh.

I am planning to send it via Tiki on Monday so now time to say good bye. I think that I am kind of grow up. Why? Honestly, it was my first thing I bought with my PPA/BBM scholarship in my last year at university. I had promised to Mr. Lappy that I'll forever with him but now time flies, my brother will on charge to keep it. I believe you will always on his path to see how he run for his bachelor degree.  Also, he will never ruin you with Korean drama and running man things  that will make  you work ahard on that stuff like I did to you.

I love the sealed things that cover you, the blue and bright sky with the book which  my friends couldn't find it again to have the same like you have. Besides, I keep moving foward with the wise wallpaper.

DREAM, what you dare to dream,
GO, where you will to go
BE, what you want to be

Oh yeah , I am hungry! Bye!