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Life Updates

Hi guys,
I still have some homeworks that I like to update to myself and you. However, it's like a fake commitment to update this journal regularly, I know I didn't force myself to start writing. What I want to share here is some big changes happened in my life. It still unbelievable that I have my decision clear. Out of my comfort zone, uncertainty of future plan( somehow I am optimistic), as well as the awareness that I always need some time to know or aware about something.
Let me give you example :

I was in my first year in university and lived together with my friends  in the dorm provided by the university, so I met many friends from all around Indonesia with their own characters.
Imel, a Bataknese who had spent 17 years her life in Papua. She really know the different of straight & curly hair.  Her is a combine between both types. Next is ka Rani, a Bataknese who has beautiful hair, dark and straight but short. She loves to sing but also regret that s…