Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Life Updates

Hi guys,
I still have some homeworks that I like to update to myself and you. However, it's like a fake commitment to update this journal regularly, I know I didn't force myself to start writing. What I want to share here is some big changes happened in my life. It still unbelievable that I have my decision clear. Out of my comfort zone, uncertainty of future plan( somehow I am optimistic), as well as the awareness that I always need some time to know or aware about something.
Let me give you example :

Taken from Awareness

I was in my first year in university and lived together with my friends  in the dorm provided by the university, so I met many friends from all around Indonesia with their own characters.
Imel, a Bataknese who had spent 17 years her life in Papua. She really know the different of straight & curly hair.  Her is a combine between both types. Next is ka Rani, a Bataknese who has beautiful hair, dark and straight but short. She loves to sing but also regret that she has not really good voice like the others Bataknese The most beautiful hair that I adore so much is Dewi's long hair, a really nice friend that I don't know where she is now. The last is ka Reny's hair, not my ideal type of hair  a brown and thin hair also a bit curly. What about me? That is the point,  at the time, I believed that my hair is straight type,LOL. It needed a long time to me to really aware that mine is just combined of straight & curly, LOL. I didn't care what ka Reny, ka Rani and Imel said about my hair, hahaha. " If you say that your hair is straight, what about us Rosa?"
But after days and months, I began to really see and aware the other's hair & mine. 

Mungil (kind of small, sweet & cute)
At first, when I was in junior high school, I pronounce "mungil" as munggil. I fighted with my friend Eny about that when we were sharing the story like we used to after reading some books. After that I still like to pronounce it as munggil but just some weeks ago I really thought  about that realized that is not your munggil again.

3.I am not really sure about that but in the process of realizing so to be continued.

Some updates about my job now. I am not working with private company again. I am grateful that I have a chance to work with NGO for temporary. I am glad that I am forced myself to get up early while you may still in the dream world. I start at 5 am and reach my new office at 7 am. I am really grateful for that because I be more close to God and also have more time to study again. Now I start study Chemistry again :-D