Sunday, April 27, 2014

Easter Holiday

Hi guys,
I had nice & warm week. First of all, I want to say happy Easter for those who celebrate it.
I wonder how the holiday run so fast? I took my annual leave days  for only one week which was unplanned. Don't ask how much money I had spent for the ticket :-S . Also, how many leave days left for the next year?  I am so thankful for all the things that happened last week, celebrated Easter with my family, ate the home food, saw the natural surroundings, had the fresh air & "swam" the sea. Actually I sat on the shore. I couldn't swim. My cousin,  Sani was laugh so hard saw me couldn't swim while some children played around more deep than where I was. The sea was calm but the memory when I was in Anyer still in mind, so I am kind of traumatic..
The main reason that I came was interview & test for my future job. They called me at Sunday for an interview at Tuesday. At that time, I was thinking that, oh MG I couldn't make it. How could I? How about the office permission, HRD approval but the fact that Easter was coming after it  had made my decision. I thought that, it was the second chance, do it or I will regret till the rest of my life. The result still unknown, I'll forget it after two weeks then try to call them back. Wish me luck, guys!
Unfortunatelly, I didn't take more good photos of the nature :'( but of course all parts my body felt it deeply. The fresh air was great. I should continue my dream to have a small camera which is more than 8  MP. Too many good & bad things to be captured.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Let it be, let it be

I hate myself when I found myself disappointed after I expected someone behave like I want which they were not. 
I have known that things around not always under my control. 
Just let it be, let it be not what I want it be 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Harga sebuah pengorbanan

Untuk mencapai sebuah keinginan dan cita-cita, kita harus membayar mahal untuk itu. Apalagi terkesan tidak realistis dan banyak resiko yang harus diambil. Namun bila hati dan jiwa serta semangat membuncah ruah karena itu, kita tahu bahwa Allah memberkati dan memberitahu itu adalah pilihan yang terbaik yang bisa kita ambil.

Di pagi ketika semuanya serba tiba-tiba.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Someone's Life

We had a bad news. My father was calling me in the early morning while I slept. He called with the news that my cousin Shinta died. I have known that she was sick a month ago which I still have not briefly information about what kind of sickness she had.All I know was, for some months ago, she just lied in her bed. They lived far away from us,still in our  big family area, but the area where my aunt live is difficult to reach( Giriwawo village). It is up on the hill. I have not yet reached the area, but my mother & father went there before, yupp fortunately, my father they visited her once before she died. I was glad, when my mom said that they just visited my aunt's family in Giriwawo village. I wish one day, I can come visit them. I always force my mother and father to go there for visiting my aunt. She is my father's sister, she has lived far away from town since married. We meet rarely. 

When I was nine or ten, I don't really remember. I have known Shinta as a stubborn girl who didn't want to go to junior high school and live with my family. So if we met, we would talk about her attitude those days, so she just stay calm and smile. She helped us when my last brother born, she was calm and quietly while helping us. Then I heard that she married, I  her nice husband recently with her children when we had San's church ceremonial in 2013. She gave birth to two nice girls. They still need a mother but God has another plan for the family. All I do is just pray for them and hope that my aunt's family will success and have a great future. 

This is sad but also the end of the pain she had through. May God always bless the girls who just being a motherless child.  

Good bye, ka Shinta, your shyly smile & good work will always in our hearts. 

Someone's Life means we are born, have a life with its stories then died. Someone's Life. 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Weekend Ceria

Mba Evi & Eva @america 
Britzoners talked about election, conducted by KPU staff who is Britzone member 
Sejak beberapa minggu yang lalu, saya dan Fithuri mengikuti kelas Britzone di Senayan, di Perpustakaan Depdikbud RI samping mall fx setiap hari Sabtu. Kelas ini adalah free English club yang asyik dan inspiratif. I wonder, where have I been, I just join the club this year, hoaaa. Padahal sudah sejak 2012 akhir, saya browsing dan tahu keberadaan club ini, tapi baru bisa join di 2014.
Teman-teman, siapa pun, muda atau tua bisa gabung di sini. Selain di hari Sabtu, kelasnya juga ada di weekday, Selasa dan Rabu. Topik-topik yang dibicarakan tentunya inpiratif dan membangun, teman-teman yang join juga ok ok. Saya senang sekali berada di lingkungan teman-teman yang memang pengen belajar, belajar dan belajar. Semuanya saling mendengarkan dan memberi opini, tentunya dengan bahasa Inggris. PIC-nya juga selalu mendorong peserta untuk aktif berbicara, they always welcome us. I am really appreciate their hard  works and what they have done for the club. So last Saturday was about President of BZ election, congratulation for the new one of President of BZ Election :D

Selepas dari Britzone, saya ke @america di Pasific Place. Tadinya mau ke sana sendirian, karena meeting point dengan Fithuri langsung di tempat. But wait, it will awkward to walk around huge mall alone, right?
Fortunately,  Britzone, juga tempat bertemu teman-teman baru, I was saying  hi to one beside me, then we were introducing each other. Her name mba Evi, and also another girl behind me, Eva. That was our first conversation while waiting the class running. Then I showed  @america poster which Fithuri sent me and asked them if they want to go with me. Their responses were making me happy though they haven't heard about @america before. I was a bit surprise, because I think @atamerica is a cool place so everyone will know the place. They were excited like I was in my first with Erlyn. 
Eva & Mr. Obama 
Sabtu kemarin berakhir dengan baik, di Plaza Semanggi bersama Fitri dan Helda (teman baru juga). Kemudian saya melanjutkan perjalanan saya yang masih panjang ke kos-kosan saya di daerah Cengkareng dengan kereta dari Sudirman. Inti dari post ini adalah jangan takut bergabung dengan komunitas baru dan berkenalan dengan teman-teman baru. Kita saling belajar dari satu dengan yang lain.