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Brother & Sister's Bonding


Sudah masuk bulan Februari dan hari ini kakak sulung saya berulang tahun.

I always pray for you. Be the best in every situation. I believe this one and half years is the most memorable for you. I am a proud sister though sometimes it is hard to support you but you have to know one thing, I always there despite of our silly arguments. And I do love you. 

Meanwhile, my younger brother called me and told me about his girlfriend wanna be. He asked me about what will I think about that particular person. He also stated that my opinion will take into account for his decision, LOL..What on earth? I am not going to approve or disapprove things like that and I said, I didn't want to give my opinion.  He insisted as he said that what sweet sister do.

Well, as I have three brothers and in the future I'll have sisters in law. Then, I told him to consider things like : attitude, and how she has built relationship with him. As I am writing this, I thought that it was complicated…