Sunday, April 27, 2014

Easter Holiday

Hi guys,
I had nice & warm week. First of all, I want to say happy Easter for those who celebrate it.
I wonder how the holiday run so fast? I took my annual leave days  for only one week which was unplanned. Don't ask how much money I had spent for the ticket :-S . Also, how many leave days left for the next year?  I am so thankful for all the things that happened last week, celebrated Easter with my family, ate the home food, saw the natural surroundings, had the fresh air & "swam" the sea. Actually I sat on the shore. I couldn't swim. My cousin,  Sani was laugh so hard saw me couldn't swim while some children played around more deep than where I was. The sea was calm but the memory when I was in Anyer still in mind, so I am kind of traumatic..
The main reason that I came was interview & test for my future job. They called me at Sunday for an interview at Tuesday. At that time, I was thinking that, oh MG I couldn't make it. How could I? How about the office permission, HRD approval but the fact that Easter was coming after it  had made my decision. I thought that, it was the second chance, do it or I will regret till the rest of my life. The result still unknown, I'll forget it after two weeks then try to call them back. Wish me luck, guys!
Unfortunatelly, I didn't take more good photos of the nature :'( but of course all parts my body felt it deeply. The fresh air was great. I should continue my dream to have a small camera which is more than 8  MP. Too many good & bad things to be captured.

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