Thursday, October 31, 2013

Mother Worry

Hi minds all over the illusion world,
Everyday we face the choices for all of our aspects of life.
Choose what to wear what kind of clothes, shoes, colors, shapes, schools, as well as what we want to be.
I think it changes every time. I used to love fried noodles and hate sauce noodles but now I prefer sauce noodles.
As a child, I had dreamt to be a teacher for eight years, not just a teacher I also given the detailed, teacher in remote place but it changes.
My mom called me this morning after sent me message last night which I didn't reply.
I have know she means it, because I  received lateness.
She has encouraged me to attend the certificate teacher program which I am not intend to do. I love teaching but not in that way. It like a recall but I know I have another choice but at the time I can't answer to my mother. She thinks it doesn't real plan.
Besides she added, the house is empty like we have no children, awwww. How sadly! I'll back soon just wait patiently.
I know my mother just want me back and regret if I can't get job there but I have my own plan.
I will come back after this two years plans and experiences are passed
I know I can't see my future but I just believe that I'll get as I wish because I am on my way trying to reach it.
I choose what I want and I believe Lord will give a way.
Many are the plans in the mind of man,
but is is the purpose of the Lord (Proverbs 16:19)


  1. hiks, kalau udah ada blogger yang pakai bahasa Inggris pasti saya jadi pusing.. -_-"

  2. yes. sometimes, parents seem like pushing out us but they always want us to be happy. hihi
    i pray for your dream and future plan. :)


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