Friday, November 8, 2013

Cold Town, Bajawa

What a cold November, yay!
I can imagine how cold Bajawa is in this season.
We will get the rainy days soon but I think not here in Jakarta, not very often like I was in my hometown.
Rainy days in Bajawa were so wet and misty, even one day along it would full of rain.
Also the high wind sometimes had blown the corn leaves and trees. We couldn't play around but if the rain had stopped,
we went out and cached the flying white ant, played hide and seek, played musuh/enemies ((it is kind of dodge ball game but just two persons catch the little ball) and
boy (there is two team, one play as a keeper with the little ball,  the other as the player, build a stone minitower and don't let the keeper catch by the little ball.
The little ball is from unused paper made like a kasti ball. I wonder if the children there still play like us before.
Unfortunately, my family had moved to the new place in Mbay which is hot than Bajawa.
My father want to spend his retired days in hot weather because  even in the summer season, Bajawa as still cold as well.
You need to cover yourself with thick blankets, sarong, sweater, socks, and even a warm hat while you will also must go out may more than twice to urinate.
If I go there, I think I will not touch the water except it is warm enough.
But I really miss being there, more than five years already since I graduated from Senior High School.
I miss the neighborhood, the lovely people and what I used to call it home.


  1. hi, thanks for visiting my blog :D
    it's cold and rainy too in Pekanbaru..
    btw where is Bajawa and Mbai?

    1. Your welcomeeee :D a nice blogger always do blog walking, right? hehehe

      Bajawa and Mbay is small town in East Nusa Tenggara :D Worth to visit


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