Thursday, November 14, 2013

Glancing Through Life, a brief review

Hi good readers,
How is your good life? Hope it runs pretty well, bad and good things happened just take a deep breath and you'll find yourself much better than before.
This month's  book is "Glancing Through Life" by Christie Kanter.
It is about self developing book which the author tries to give some good perspective about life and its matter. Life is about find purpose, decide what choice, what is love and how to love,
what is the gift hide behind the hardship and what is the real happiness means.
It is well written book which means easy to read but sometimes hard to apply.
Read this book with your heart and let the thoughts spread around your head, may you should have at least a pen and a piece of paper.
Actually, I have not done yet with the book, because I want to take it slowly, write what come in mind after some paragraphs.
Take quality time in the weekend with good book or do your hobby, it much better than go out somewhere. Traffic jam become worse in this rainy season
besides at the same time I can save money too.
Days thru so fast lately, this year will end some weeks ahead. This is good time to take more time to refresh all the 2013's  wish list and prepare better for 2014
but at least be refresh everyday, be grateful for all the blessed come in persons, view, and daily routine.
(a self reminder for future)

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