Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Not fully review

Book for this month is an autobiography of an Australian author, published in 1995. The book's title is "Penny Dreadful- A woman view of the 1950s & 1960s by Penelope Nelson.

As I am not a native, it's quite challenging to read this book. A lot of new vocabs of course, however I can catch the story.  I haven't finished the book yet, but I'm kind of like it because I find it interesting.

The interesting part was about the author childhood with the chapter's title of Summerland. The sweetest thing was that her grandfather wrote a few poems about her granddaughter.

The poems written in many special occasions of the grandfather and the family. I adore the grandfather who find a way to capture special days and memories in poems. She is lucky to have beautiful poems written by one of her  closest person.

Well, that is the end of review for the summerland chapter.

I would like to update some progress of my life as a student (just in case, some are curious, hhihi and would like to support me by praying😉) So, I am in my 3rd semester right now. Just last week I got the approval for the pra proposal. Now I am waiting for the news of supervisor who will guide me. Also I am doing my literature study as well planning budget of the research to be submitted to the sponsor.
And why why why, I post this in English or read English literature? Actually, I find it still difficult for me to speak in English. One of our thesis defense ( open public seminar 2) will fully conduct in English. I am afraid of doing mistakes and ruining my presentation with my lack of preparation. So here I am, doing one step though it is not directly relate to the speaking.

Oh ya, today when I am in class, the lecturer humbly said that he will look forward to the next material together because he is not familiar with it. He earns my respect.

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