Sunday, September 18, 2016


"We really are giving the best understanding toward our siblings. Sometimes they are just so annoying and  other times they are just so cute and sweet"
I and my older brother have up and down relationship. We are not that close by calls or texts but honestly I do mention his name in every of my prayer. I don't know when he will realize the important of send texts or calls. May one day.

So the thing is, he and my father had a conversation. Surprisingly, he talked to my father to set me up with someone or ask my uncle for help. He worried that I haven't married yet. Jokingly, my father said that of course he must settle first than me. He replied that it will be easy for him to meet someone, So just worry about me.

Well, well, I do appreciate. It  was sweet of him. However, however let me meet someone as God's plans.


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