Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Don't be passive

Hey world.., how about the day, hah? It is always good though our feels not like the day. But, i hope we can learn something today to make better than yesterday. My yesterday was great with great people, and i must say  that i love my Monday exactly in this term.  I am very happy because my lecturers(quantum chemistry and organic chemistry) not only gave the lecture about the materies but they gave an advice to be better person in our life. I always love this. 

Mrs Wid said that:” all of you to be more active, don’t be only receive other words or order but you must active to ask if you don’t know about something. You must decide what do you want, don’t be just say yes,yes.  You must be brave and development how to communicate with other people, so you can have a good soft skills. Don’t be passive!”

The words are given by her, made me conscious about my character. I think i less in brave to asks something that i don’t know and less to be an active person. I think i can to be more active, with improve concentrate and to be focus.
Life is learn whatever day by day.. so friends,  what do you learn today? 


  1. sangat inspiratif...teruskan inang...

  2. Rosa, it is good to post in English. Congrats for the hard effort to be familiar with English phrase. Go on...


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