Saturday, March 23, 2013

Attitude (1st &only)

I am not saying, I am perfect in attitude, sometimes without being aware I can be wrong. As well known statement, we still the man, not God.But as a man too we must have deep understanding one to another. I had bad experience today, poor me I couldn't stop myself thinking that, I should . I was a victim, someone was shouting while I didn't know what she talked about. Honestly, It disturbed me, I was about to cry, hell yeah it shouldn't but I couldn't handle it. Ignoring&laughing may perfect way to overcome how angry we are, but it won't happen like that:'-(

Learning from that way, will make sense, angry just a while then evaluating it, so it won't happen again. Working is not just do what we have to do because we are paid to do that; it is teamwork, with another person who has characters. Please, care about your attidude, respect other people. Man, life is not just under your small nose, small world. Everything here is valuable, if no it's just about attitude, but it can be change:-D

Rosa D Panda_Writing is healing

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