Saturday, March 23, 2013

Today's Learn

Don't be too confident with what you talked about, what your thoughts about that. It looks so stupid because you just exaclty know based on your own, while we are not live just small number of people. things are different for each even they are look the same to you.

Simple example is when someone talk to stranger about what her/his excellent skill in town that very well known there to a master who just come in town from very big city with his great experiences that the one hasn't face before.
The master just sits & listens to the stories that he has experienced it. Also give a meaning smile but the someone still unconscious coz he/she lets his/her big mouth.

Thinking after speaking is good as a reflection, the bad thing is if it leave as regret. What we should do for better life? Confident speaking after deep thingking will be better.

Rosa D Panda

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