Friday, March 15, 2013

Mother's Worry 2

Yay, I was phoned by my mother again and she said about "jodoh".  Woowww, she is so worry about me, I posted about mother's worry some months ago, didn't I ? But I think that is so normal, I am just her only daughter. I am aware that she knows everything about me, even this long distance just by the words, voices and her feels. The message is just surrender all the time with God's plans.

In daily conversation, this topic becomes trend with some of close friends, yayaya we are in our twenty something. Some of my friends have married already so it is something to think about. I am not under pressure or something like that but I can't control myself and others for being so confusion or if you familiar with galau, hehehehe. I have short conversation about it when I asked my friend about when the time comes to us and what we should do. The answer has made me aware. She said," Just prepare yourself until the time is come" Yess, she is right. The short answer but deeply move. It will make me busy to prepare about things.

I still have time to think about it but the important thing is I am enjoying being independent.


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