Monday, July 29, 2013

July to August


What life has taught you? 

An alone soul, in the long long way

still you haven't a clue where is the end 

Someone asked you, who is your God? 

That makes you angry, 


You have taken the differences
You are afraid 
You are, you are 

You have known, He is always, always beside you
When you wake up 
Take a deep breathe & He touches you with the air 
When you meet people & find smiles, He gives you his heart

A soul
In the way
Just aware where He is 
When everything seem not so bright, He brings the light 
He brings the light 
Feel it  & be delighted 

Neither those question
nor the answer 
will bother you anymore

Thanks for everything
Here I'm prepare for the bright August 

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