Thursday, December 12, 2013

Romantic Relationship

As a human, I have been facing the issues about romantic relationship which without planned this matter is always the important part of life as well as the career or even better than it. Feeling loved and to love someone is undefined feeling which we can feel happy, sad, anger at the same time.


My personal romantic love stories didn't turn like what I had read in the comics, Korean drama scenes except the single scenes on it, or the movie scenes. There are just parts of it, the feeling, symptoms, eyes, insomnia fever, and the smile which we spread all day, I am sure about it. I believe the movie makers or writers not just make up the love stories scenes. They did research by themselves from the others surround them or they were brave enough to show people how their love stories go. If there is over or out of logic, hell yeah, money makes everything seem entertain enough to be watched and the important thing that there are a few number of people love to watch it.


 I had involved in the several stories which part of it I am ashamed to tell or just to remember it.  Awww, how ashamed! I have known the kind of feeling since in elementary school, how young and naughty. Got my first letter in junior high school, it ended up read by friends all the way home without chance to keep it. The boy has married now.  I kept a letter by a nice young man from the other school. It was nice to know him by the way without chance to had a date. As the time went by, I had several crush to several attractive guys, but the most I remember there was someone I fallen into for years till my senior high school days. Many love stories show that people are not build a relationship with the one they are admired because it seems that they are far, far away. The relationship I had built with nice young guy, from a friend to be a boyfriend. The feeling those days were so up and down, the happiness and the painful at the same time.  How poor, officially we had the relationship just one month.  The unofficially was we were so close after the broke up, we were studying together both in a group and just two of us. He spent two or three hours in my home at the afternoon, I didn't count it, but it almost every night in our examination days. He said that, he mentioned our kind of relationship to be a good sample of health relationship to his fellow students, hahahaha, I doubt it.



It is enough to have a sweet flash back. My love stories are not like a fairy tale, though. I am sure of it, many of you may feel the same with me, right? This is universal feeling. As I am growing old day by day and so far, I am a kind of missing the feeling.  To love and to be loved by someone.   As we are standing in the crowded or seem so busy with all things, still the loneliness come deep inside our heart.  At the end of my reflection, I know that the things about life are depend on God's hand. He has planned everything and valued all the hard time we are going through this life which not run as we expected.  Experiences and relationship shape us to be what we are now, just let God's hand around.



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