Thursday, December 19, 2013


Hi guys,

How is your week going? I hope it pretty smooth, but if not, just thinking that way. Like the wise people stated that it just depends on how we manage the feelings. It means that we can choose to have a happy day so we will satisfy with all things happened in that day and vice versa. I think happy day is not means that we have really good things happen but the bad as well.  It seems easy to just say it but when we give a try, that will be really a good thing you see all day long.

My goal for this week is not feel angry until the end of the year; I think not just me but some people who attended the Trinitas church on Sunday afternoon. Luckily, I am a forbearing person, so I change to something that I'll hard to endure, guess what?  Yup, I am nagging as I stare the computer screen after meet the other department. Also talks to my teammates about the people who seem don't understand about how important our cases are. I think that it is really not good. While the other team also hopes I understand their decision and wait patiently. Then after I talk over and over to my teammates and get my calmness back, I will suddenly realize that my response is kind of annoying and waste time. I know I should stop responding like that, better taking a deep breath and finding another way.

Ok, this is enough for today. Bye, good friends, Sorry for never take any blogwalking ;D

Here is the Korean song by IU and Seulong, nagging. I love the lyrics.

meori anin gaseumeuro haneun iyagi
niga sirta haedo an hal suga eomneun iyagi
geumanhaja geumanhaja
neoui jansoriman deullyeo


A story told by the heart, not the mind
Stories that I can't help but tell you even if you hate them
Let's stop, let's stop
I only hear your nagging

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