Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Mirror of the year

This year not run as I want but of  course I have learnt so much about everything around myself, the confidence, the success as well as the failure. This three parts of my life become one of my blessed experience so far. I am in the middle of my twenties, the age that all called as mature. How grateful for that. Too many things to be improved as a pragmatist and a real human being. 

I am a shy one, sometimes but the fact that I am not interested with what I called silly conversation makes me the one who look shy. Hell yeah, that is not good sometimes. I mean people will more recognize you if you be a source of everything, an informant  apart from the fact that is true or just gossip. But  I am not interested doing the kind of  chit chat, I just shut my mouth up for the things I have known. Better look like you know nothing, of course it depends on the case. The important one or just the silly topic to look like have a great conversation. All I want to say here is as a human being, I must change myself to be better person, a chit chat may a start to a good connection and not only means you "kepo" but at the same time it means you care. God has taught us to be a care person for each other in our neighborhood, work and  relationship but I must remember, don't look like "kepo".  I had fun weekend a week ago and I heard my friend said that she just tired of being "actress" in her workplace, so tired to act. The lesson is be confident with who I am without counting how many people will recognize it as what we unexpected. 

I am so blessed with the job I've gotten so far, I have worked as a team and have experienced  different character of managers, two expats , the one who hired me was a British and now I am getting used with the new one, Indian.  I am so grateful that I can help my brother and I wish I can till he graduate. Now I am preparing for my life, big decision ahead with all the passion lie on my heart. I wanna choose something important after this year. My dream as a master student still in mind, now I am still in recollecting my spirit to reapply all scholarship applications again. I was failed this year but I will reapply again for the next year. It is all about how struggle you are, Rosa. The good thing is I am getting used to learn English as much as I can. My TOEFL score must better in 2014 to reapply. I wish I can. 

Last but not least, God has planned everything in his hand, my life, your life and the others. Keep praying and working with His hand around. 

In the end of the year
A self reflection 

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