Tuesday, December 2, 2014


" People do not take pride in their kitchen. It is the last place in the house shown to a visiting guest "
from Understanding Stoves (an eBook by Sai Bhaskar)

That is happen. People build their house in order, rooms, kitchen then bathroom and toilet.
I am thinking otherwise. I would love to build & finish bathroom and toilet first then rooms. Besides, I would love to show a guest of mine my kitchen.

 Anyway, whattttt? As I roll up in to my blog, I just end up with 1 post.Arrgghh!
 and the great two thousand and fourteen will come to an end. Christmas, Christmas, yeah! But I don't think I can spend time with my family but my brother is here with me.
Sony PRS T1

Now I am busy with my new e Reader ;D Finally I have bought one, not kindle paperwhite by the way, the old Sony PRS T1 (Sony doesn't produce it anymore, it kind of sad). Hopefully, it will last for long long long time. I will try to write about the experience with my e Reader.



  1. Baca ebook memang asyik, walau lebih asyik buku langsung :D

    Hanya lebih enak bawa eReader kemana-mana, bisa banyak buku juga, hehe

  2. E reader asyik juga tuh buat traveling :)


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