Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Human Being to become more Human

 "This is my reflection/lesson learn from  AYA/ATF program Kerala, India,& it is re-post from"
"Human Being to become more Human." That was one of my important points which I got from the AYA/ATF program.  At first I was kind of wondering, what is that mean? We are human, why we should be more human? But then in my reflection, I have found that nowadays we live in such a consumerism and materialistic era, we are searching to gain more and more, then fighting each other over thing, then we forget about humanism, and the others creations of God like the Earth even the empty spaces too. Our mainl focus on 2014 AYA/ATF program is about the relationship between human, Earth, ecology and how to sustain it  based on farmers lives in ASEAN countries.

It was an honor to be invited and participated in such a conference with the sharing and experiences from many inspiring young people.  From the others perspective, I had found that, generally, ASEAN countries have been facing the same problem in farmers lives such as land grabbing and unsupportive policy and market for farmers. Besides the modern lifestyle nowadays which see farmer’s profession as the second class because it’s dirty and not that cool like engineer or doctor. In my reflection, I think everyone should be more supportive to farmers with our own ways. We may live far away from where the farmer’s lives but we can help with give support to farmers’ federation campaign about agriculture and land policy, buy organic product, visit traditional market, or plant our own trees. Change start from small things.  Actually, our ancestors live in balance with the nature but then after all the development make us leave and forget about the local wisdom. "Do not discount the wisdom of local people" is one of message from ATF/AYA 2014 program. Definitely, we should support and care indigenous people who have great local wisdom to be learnt and applied in our daily life.

Another point is, we should keep things in balance. If not, one or both will get hurt. For me, human and the Earth relationship are like a mother and a child. The Earth, a mother, who we keep digging the resources has given loves to us without asks it back.
How we pay that as children? Live in balance with the Earth.  Economy and political development have made us forget about natural way, we prefer profit than sustainability of Earth. In the name of economic development, we build more buildings and factories which still questionable about the Environments Impact Assessment. I learn something important in our AYA/ATF exposure program in Kerala India. We visited local paddy field farmers, which still doing their organic way of farming. They have used the organic fertilizer and pesticides from their own neighbourhood.  They care more about quantity instead of quality. Keep the healthy food and healthy land is the way to reach their environmental sustainability for better future.  While I see contradiction practical way of farming in my hometown, which not many people cared about organic farming.  We always use chemical fertilizer and pesticides for paddy field; I saw how they spread it around the paddy field, it was too much. Later, I will apply how Kerala organic farmers treat their lands in my parent’s garden.

After all, my experiences in AYA/ATF 2014 has broaden my knowledge and understanding about how human can keep the sustainability of the Earth and its ecology.  Human being becomes more human is the process which needs strong commitment to feel bond with the others human being, the Earth and cosmos.  Respect and understanding are needed to live in harmony as God’s creation through our diversity among countries. However, we must be united in order to make the Earth keep breathing in harmonious with us now and in the future.
Warm greeting from Indonesia!

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