Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Office Hours 2

Well, last week was awesome. I met great people, the writers in Asean Literary Festival 2014 in Taman Ismail Marzuki. The first one was Mr. Dicky Senda, he was warm and nice while it was our first meeting. His book is Kanuku Leon, and I’ll write book review about it later. Lucky me, to have another great friend, Ms. Erni Aldjai, just googling her name, and you’ll find she is kind of famous in Indonesian literature. Her book is Kei and another several books , I also love her poems, aisshhh, how those simple words can be so touched or am I so melancholic?  . I am just so proud to know both of them.I am sure to make review about their books.  

Actually, I just feeling quilty but also satisfied at the same time. Both feelings are playing now in my mp3 of feeling ( Lol, just leave it). So, that is the story goes, 

Place : Office
Boss  : " Do we have to make official letter to *** (owner)?"
Me    : (Sigh)
Me    : " Is he permantly at site, Sir?" 
Boss  : "Yes, Mr. A just saying that"
Me    : "But, Sir.. are you sure about it? I mean..."
Boss  : "Mr.A made the decision.Mr. A said that he is permantly at site" 
Me    : "Ok, Sir, but what do you think about it. I mean you are project manager and Mr. A know nothing about how it goes at site"  ( I mean, forget about what Mr. A said, right?? II want yours, it will difficult for site team and me too, hadeh) 
Boss  : ......( He was kind of surprise about what I said. Also I think that I went too far but I couldn't bear it anymore.) 
        "Acctually he is site manager In ****. He has good technical skill..."
Me    : Just nod ( Grrrrh, leader is not about technical, technical is OK but also the communication thing. He will meet many people)
        "Ok, I think it will be more difficult in the near future, Sir "( I am just being honest and back to my desk) 

As I said, I am going too far and that making me feel guilty, hahaha.
Ok, stop it and do as he says, you bitch!

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