Thursday, March 6, 2014

Office hour

Everything in her table is a mess. The irregular paper without clips and maps lay down at the right beside the telephone. The drink bottle without its cover, while it looks new and branded lies between the body lotion and toilette tissue at the left corner. Neither family pictures nor friends in her desk like the others. She has three post cards.  The first one was from Thailand and the others from Italy. May she hopes to be abroad someday because it can be seen clearly compare to the other things which is not usual in office desk. 

Next to the monitor, at the left one, there is a desk calendar. It looks like she doesn’t care of it, because it shows February while now we are in March. She has supplier notes and mechanic pencil in front of her, below the keyboard. Also there is a small circle mirror between the monitor and keyboard. 
She is now working with her book, writing over and over instead of working with her computer or documents in her table because the chair at the back her tiny body is empty. It looks like she is learning something and loving it so much. She works with her scholarship application. She really want to pursue her master degree abroad to be a good lecture in the near future.

Do best, then!

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