Saturday, March 1, 2014

Rent Room

Two weeks ago, I moved to a new rent room, still in West Jakarta. A very typical of many of rent rooms with doors closes beside each other. It is kind of strange because I used to have not a kind of rent room but it reminds me of my first dorm. The different is the distance between rooms opposite each other, here is too close while my first one was wider. Since March 2013, I rented one room, the room was pretty good, it is average and clean, no needed to buy mineral water provided by hosted. Well, we lived together with the hosted family, an old mother who lived with her children. Also they only rent rooms five rooms so it was not so crowded. I love silence by the way, but it is not so silence because house is beside the mosque.

My new rent room offers what I need, a kitchen with many of stoves in there, washing machines and a wifi. I love the wifi, the speed is amazing but sometimes my IDM bar does not appear and also the netbook's touchpad is too sensitive L , it makes the program run in the chaos, I am not even touch it. I lose two three minutes to wait till it is back to normal.
Ok, back to my rent room, it is small and far from the gate. All the free rooms are available in 4 th floor, I still lucky to have the room not far from the balcony. Do not count the stairs;  I've ever gotten the worst when I was in college.

The girl, who rent opposite my room, is kind of strange. Trust me, I still thinking she is the man, but she is woman. We rarely meet so I just see her slippers which are man's size and models. Sometime, I heard her heavy words and still surprise. The girl beside my room is the calm one, not so talk active, well actually I can count her words when I introduce myself to her and she just answer unclear so I still do not know her name. The others are good, we still smile each other and comment about the weather or the traffic jam;  my office friends are in 2 nd and 3 rd floors.

Can you see those slippers? Man size right? 
I hope that I can decide what I have planned before as soon as possible. I just can not live like this. Work, traffic jam, go to my rented room, sleep and it continues everyday. 

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