Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Move On

It’s New Year! 2015 is on the way to be lived day by day. What an annoying morning!  Saw someone who was close enough to you posted on the social media the love dopy photos of them. You have said that is over between you and that one, but well then you gave long sighed. It stills a little, only a little old connection which is angry instead of love feeling. It is just a slight anger!

Go, say good bye and things will be alright.
He was the one who used to give a compliment about my achievements and he is and will still, you think. You wonder how to response to his compliments without deeply absorbed by old time memories. Not that much memories together but it means a lot. You might be still confuse about your feeling with him and one thing you know that you shall meet him one day, and after that you might be free.

You hope that from now and in the future, you can see the couple without hard feeling but love and support from an old friend.

And what is now? 

Source: google images

Take a good move to be better woman in and out.  

Ok selesailah masa bergalau ria.Mari sibuk mempersiapkan diri untuk tes TOEFL ITP dan TPA BAPPENAS. Saya punya waktu satu bulan. Semoga persiapannya lancar, tidak diganggu fan fiction Harry Potter dan kebiasaan mengantuk yang melanda.

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