Saturday, September 19, 2015

Trip to Situ Cileunca & Malabar tea garden

Well, hi good people...
Happy weekend!
Last week was the best. We went to Pengalengan Bandung, enjoyed our togetherness and had a bunch of beautiful moments. Oh well, I have to introduce my good and crazy classmates here. We will be a team for the next two years and until the rest of our life.
Finally,I saw and enjoyed the tea garden there. Also, the nice sun rise in the lake that we found accidentally.
Pengalengan is about 2 hours from Bandung to the south. You have to go there by car or motorcycle because there is not public transportation(Sorry,I am not really sure about this). You can visit Situ Ciluenca and Malabar tea garden. Also have #igabakar for your lunch.It was around 35K and worth it.
All the photos here are not mine. It taken from ig @liaryanti,'s phone, @bimastyaji  and our cool photographer's @didiguci (ig). Please contact personally for capturing your joyful events and also find him in
Had a very good weekend. May you can find peace here in Pengalengan.


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