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Kampus Orang Muda Jakarta atau yang lebih dikenal Komjak merupakan sebuah wadah bagi orang-orang muda Katholik yang memiliki mimpi dan cita-cita untuk mengembangkan diri dan mengembangkan orang lain( kalau bisa, kurang lebih seperti ini..). Untuk lebih jelasnya bisa klik di sini Apa sih Komjak itu?

Great photos by Mas Lexy Rambadeta

Lets continue,  I have joined in Komjak II in 2010/2011. Now we are preparing for open recruitment for Komjak 111 and I have some homework too in Komjak. Hope our plan to be real in a year.
Of course, people or you may ask me, why I have joined with this club? what I have  got?

To be honest, the first reasons  I joined  this club be because interested in "scholarship" word in their publishing. They really know how to make people interested it , hahaha. Yeah, no one will refuse this offer.
( hehehehe)

In normal  campus, certainly you have many tasks, so do with Komjak.

Mau tahu apa tugasnya? lumayan berbeda dan sangat baru bagi saya. Sangat-sangat baru bagi mahasiswa Kimia. Di Komjak, saya  belajar Ekonomi, Multikulturalisme, Hukum dan HAM, serta Politik.

Think out of the box sangat-sangat ditekankan dalam setiap pembelajaran. Yah, kita harus buka hati, buka telinga dan buka mata untuk setiap pembelajaran. Namun tidak untuk sekedar tahu tetapi  mendalami dan mengalami realita sosial secara langsung. Bagian yang sangat sulit pada awalnya, karena masing-masing siswa Komjak keluar dari dirinya, dari sangkarnya, dari kesehariannya untuk mengenal sesuatu yang baru.

The fun parts which I excited was the writing training and something like a speak up training(in action). I found new talent, may to be an actress in theatrical...ahahaha..hem, forget about it.

But to walk with Komjak, it was like to climb  a stairs to sky, it doesn't end noticed from Komjak 1 in their great video). I have asked about how the program work  during the first time I joined the club but finally in the end of program, all of my questions can be answered. 

I have got much, met great people who have brave & big  heart and smart too. Oh yayyy, the fun parts too was the free foods in every weekends with Komjak. We always like something free, right?

* Note:
#Sorry for use English and Indonesia half and half , because I like it,some people think use in one language will be good and clearly but sometimes I like to mix in one post.
#the photo copied from mas Lexy Rambadeta album's

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