Sunday, February 9, 2014

Love at first sight

I met someone, the one who was my "cimon/cinta monyet" in my junior high school day or elementary, I guess. It was love in the first sight because today was our second meeting.
He was nice, a really nice guy, both attitude & face. I wonder what he thinks if he knows the fact that I ever wrote his name down my diary, as well as my romance imagination those day whenever I was remember about him. Also I even had given his a Japanese name, Takuya Daichi, taken from one of Japanese romance comics.
He seems far away even we were stood beside each other, talked things around and made joke. He is still stanger though he knows me as his friend's sister, but now I do realize that the love at first sight is exist.


  1. mba...coba baca cintapuccino deh

    persis deh kaya mba..

    cimon di SMA, eegh ketemu lagi pas uda grown up.

    ditunggu kelanjutannya yaa..
    hihihi.. *emak emak kepo

    1. keknya ud pernah baca deh, tapi lupaa, hehe
      Sayangnya bakal ga ada kelanjutannya lagi mba hehe


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