Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What I learn as a workerr

I jus got the new thing which I should learn and remember all day as a worker. Don't forget small things! General information and detailed information have its streght & weakness.
Also it can't be generalized, it depends on its matters. What, who, when, how, why are the questions we should answer first even we are timed.
Being a multitasking person is really a challege, concern with more than one problems  at the same time. Don't get tricky by ourselves to procrastinate the small things. Try to see it in different perspective. I admit that I must force myself hardly to do it because I think there is still big problems to handle. But I have known small things will have its big impact.
Do it nicely, Rosa,, you are paid to do it.
Respect your bos!

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