Friday, May 15, 2015

People Around

Life is so damn pretty when we share laugh together with friends who
see us as the way we are. Sometimes we don't need to try to make fake
joke, just . simple smile, nod or even a silent word.

I have realized so far that I have met really good people around. They
have come & gone for a reason in my life. Each of them has brought
something that I can learn. Some stays still, while others don't.

As a friend, I am sad to say that I am not a really good one. I am not
good to keep friends around with me. I am not good in asking "whats
up" thing regularly or to really know all little things which has
happened in my friends' life.Although I have my handphone with me, I
rarely use it to send a message.
Even for my family members. Not because I have forgoten them, I just
love to see them when I see & talk to them directly. I'd love to have
deep communication when I see them. That'
s what an introvert wants, a real conversation.

Note :

Weekly life lesson: People don't really hope a clear answer, a simple
smile is enough.

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