Sunday, June 21, 2015

The way to graduate school

Hi bloggers,

Now I am on my way back to Yogyakarta from Bandung taking Kahuripan
train . I just had my interview & major tests, also the TPA Bappenas
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How was the test? I didn't do it well. My time management was poor at
the 2nd type test of TPA. The figurial test was also annoying for me.
Hopefully, I can make it to pass the university's requirement. I have
to prepare for the worst registering for 2nd chance of TPA,I guess.

The Environmental Engineering test and the interview test were quite
so so. At least, the interviewers let me answer all questions happily.
The worst part was about my carbon-chain grade.


I have one conditional letter too from Wolonggong university but the
major is Chemistry not the Environmental Science which I had chosen in
the first place. Well, I hope things will go right as God had planned
for me.

However, there was a good event happen this week which it was
enlightening my mood. Guess what? My very close friend' wedding.
Though the distance,I feel so close to her. In her birthday at June
20, she brought her adorable twins. Cnngratulation for your marriage,
sista, I am proud of you. This is a really new phase, stay cool and
live happily ever after.

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